How Ukrainians shot a video about the "lover of nature": gold in the YLC contest at Cannes Lions

How Ukrainians shot a video about the lover of nature: gold in the YLC contest at Cannes Lions

Although Ukraine did not win the Golden Lion at Cannes Lions this year, the young creators excelled: in the YLC contest, Ukrainian teams received a gold, two silver medals and a bronze

Ukrainians won gold for the first time at the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival, which takes place 28 times. The project of Vitaliy Kapustyan and Ilya Yankovsky from the BBDO agency was recognized as the best in the Film category. "This is not a lion, but a young lion, Young Lions, but today, Ukrainians will take to the main stage of the Palais des Festivals for the first time. On the main Cannes evening," wrote Victoria Gres, head of & nbsp; Gres Todorchuk PR. & Nbsp;

Ilya Yankovsky in an interview with told how the idea of ​​the video was born: “It was already 2 o’clock in the night, we were tired and exhausted, literally pecking our noses. I jumped up to warm up and started dancing like in a disco. Then I began to hum some then a set of words about how I love nature, and from this set of movements and words an image of nature lover was suddenly born. Vitalik already jumped up: yes there it is! "

The authors of the video used only 5 words in their work. “That was enough to convey everything we wanted to say,” Ilya remarked. “And, as our English-speaking friends later told us, these five words made a huge sense. Because the word lover has a sexual connotation, so nature lover is "nature lover", which we generally showed in the video, but when the word true appears before this phrase, the meaning changes: true lover means "connoisseur." That is, true nature lover is "a true connoisseur of nature." there are true nature lovers just go to the WWF website and their voice helps save the plan that. "

Ilya Yankovsky: When I had sex with a bush at a busy intersection, it caused a loud and healthy laugh from those who were sitting in cars, waiting for a green light. They laughed to tears.

In addition, Ukrainian young creators in the YLC competition won two silver Lions. Ukraine also receives silver for the first time in the history of the competition.

“We had a cool customer and a very relevant topic. Unfortunately, our planet is now close to the point of no return in terms of the environmental situation. We are the last generation that can prevent this disaster. A movement is passing around the world with an appeal to fight for our planet , and the task was to create a symbol / identity for this movement, "said Christina Foschay in an interview with & nbsp;

The customer in all categories was WWF, said Timofei Shcherbakov. In the Design category, it was necessary to develop an identity for the youth movement for saving the planet (Youth for Our Planet). The main message: there is no more time to wait, we must firmly and clearly show the world that our planet is on the verge of an ecological catastrophe.

In the YLC qualifying competition, which was held by the Official Representation of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, 31 teams took part. "This year, to be honest, we doubted whether to participate in YLC or not, Katerina and Ilya Anufrienko told the site & nbsp; - & nbsp; & nbsp; According to past experience, this is an extremely complicated and exhausting process, as a result of which, if if you had a chance to try yourself in Cannes, you also had to pay for it - and for two, according to the most conservative estimates, this is about 5 thousand euros.

Therefore, when a paid competition was organized this year, as a result of which the trip was paid to the winning team, this became a bell for us: we should try. For this reason, we decided to participate in the Print category. We thought that there would be higher competition, which means more money, so there is a chance to recoup the trip. But since this is the first experience of such an organization, there were some “peculiarities” - the money was distributed according to the general rating among different categories, which was a big surprise for us. But the very idea that the competition can be self-sustaining is incredibly cool, for which I would like to say a special thank you to the organizers. It takes a lot of courage to do something new and try to change something. "

The bronze Leo in the Creative Data Lions category was awarded to the well-known Yekaterinburg agency Voskhod for the AI ​​Versus campaign for the Rain TV company. For us, the main thing is the fact that the Ukrainian ISD Group took an active part in the development of the campaign. So active that it was included in the winners as an equal partner. "

The project demonstrates the difference between news and propaganda. This is a social experiment that studies and demonstrates the impact of propaganda on the worldview.

Two artificial intelligences were created. For six months they were taught exclusively by news broadcasts. One is & nbsp; to the information of the state television channel "Russia 1", the other - & nbsp; independent channel "Rain". Then, each neural network was asked the same questions and compared to what extent the flow of information affects the answers.

"On the example of Russian television, the project shows how important the news is, how much it affects the perception of information and how deeply rooted in the mind," said Viktor Shkurba, creative director of ISD Group & nbsp;

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