Hungarian Cinema debuts with success in Cannes | cushion

Hungarian Cinema debuts with success in Cannes | cushion

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Although it has not been read in the domestic press so far, the work of Albert Kámán, a Hungarian short film, entitled Hazug, has made its debut in Cannes these days.

Albert Kaman, a liar, was shown at the Global Short Film Awards, which co-runs with the Cannes Film Festival. The 22-minute, self-funded work is purely artistic and without significant support. & Nbsp;

On an idyllic weekend for a young couple, previously buried problems come to the surface. The boy faces increasingly torturing accusations, while his lover tries to reduce the torturer's insecurity with mind-altering drugs. The inner journey leads to the dark secrets of her soul. & Nbsp;

Albert Kámán shot his first short film at low cost and with a small crew, the story of which was inspired by personal experiences. The film's unusual, unique sound was produced by Erkel and Gyula Bánkövi, winner of the Bartók-Pásztory Award, and Andor Lukáts also appears in the mysterious closing scene of the film. And the protagonist is Edit Nagyistók, considered a promising talent. & Nbsp;

“The Liar is built on the traumas of everyday life and the insecurities that determine human life. The fear and doubt of distrust that go unnoticed in us and our relationships. It is just so tragic that nothing looks out of them, "said the director, who, after his success at the show, is preparing to make a feature film, in which he will also be working with Andor Lukáts. & Nbsp;

having breakfast with Quentin Tarantino and talking to the short film festival jury president, Sandeep Marwahal, who is Bollywood's biggest film producer and who liked Liar so much that he invited me to India, "the director said after the gala screening on Saturday, May 26;

The Global Short Film Awards have been held at the Cannes Film Festival since 2015 and at the same time. The competition is open to both professional and amateur filmmakers from around the world.

The co-operation does not raise any moral issues in the instant voters, even though it supports Gyurcsány's nominee, whose name, besides Jobbik's logo, flourishes there.

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