Hungarian Middle School star awarded at Cannes -

Hungarian Middle School star awarded at Cannes -

Hungarians in Cannes: The Century Family with Zsófia Oláh, Róbert Kiss with Richard Prima Primissima Prize-winning Journalist and István Keszi / Photo: Közé

The Cannes Festival also hosted a screening of short films where Garai Bende, star of the Hungarian Middle School Internet Series, was honored for her work on the phone with "Best Screenplay" in the film section of her mobile phone.

13-year-old Ábel Century's work has also received another award at the Global Short Film Award Ceremony. Hungarian young people have previously worked for World Peace & amp; At the Tolerance Annual Awards Brunch, he was recognized as the most promising talent in Cannes.

He and his young brother were just trying to make effects on the camera because they were bored on their family's birthday, but his uncle decided to name him at the Telephone Film Festival. This is the second recognition in Cannes. Albert Kámán and Zsófia Oláh's Obsession short film and Zsuzsa Kecskeméti's Stage of Mind also received awards at the Global Short Film Award.

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