Hungarian successes in Cannes locale

Hungarian successes in Cannes locale

Hungarians were particularly successful at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. A 13-year-old Hungarian boy, Abel the Captain, as well as Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning director Saul's son László Nemes Jeles were also celebrated.

László Nemes' film "Sunrise" won the prize of the Student Culture Jury of the French Culture France, which was presented at the 72nd Cannes Festival. Established in 2015, the award was awarded to six hundred French students for the best of five selected works presented by a jury in France. Nemes Jeles thanked the award in a voice message. He said he was particularly pleased with the recognition of the young generation, because the Sunshine expects the viewer to watch movies a little differently than usual. He added that he thought it was important for a film not only to create waves, but to remain in the viewer's mind for a long time. The Sunshine was made with the support of the Hungarian National Film Fund.

László Nemes Jeles, director of the film Saul Son, won the Best Foreign Language Film Award at his 88th Oscar Gala in the press room of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on February 28, 2016. (MTI / EPA / Paul Buck)

Actor Juli Jakab and director László Nemes Jeles at a press conference at the 15th Jameson CineFest International Film Festival in Miskolc - photo by MTI

The 13-year-old Hungarian boy, Ábel Captain, received the "Most Promising Youngest Film" award in Cannes this weekend, although he received another "Youngest Talent Film" award. The 49-second production of Never, & nbsp; is about suicide, and his brother is the protagonist.

- I told my mom that I hear about this topic many times. At first, it was just a video, my brother, Oliver, was the protagonist - Abel told the Facts, who also said he was editing the movie on the phone. Abel's uncle, brother and mother, Eve, accompanied him to Cannes. He has long wanted to be a film director, so newer scenarios are in the making. Bors wrote that the young candidate and his family were barely admitted to the festival.

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