Hybrid marine mtu. The interview in Cannes (second part)

Hybrid marine mtu. The interview in Cannes (second part)

Marine hybrid MTU. & Nbsp; We have published here the first part of the interview that Daniel Ramoli, Senior Manager Sales Marine, and Tobias Kohl, Senior Manager Application Center Marine, gave us at the Cannes boat show, about the marine hybrid MTU. We propose here the second part of the chat, which starts from a key concept such as electrification and unfolds on the health status of dear 'old' diesel engines.

It's a keyword, and electrification goes hand in hand with connectivity. So all systems are more complex than in the past. And all this must be assisted by the headquarters, offering support to both the owner and the technicians with an easy-to-use solution. Consequently, we do not focus exclusively on the engine and transmission but on the complete system, remote control, automation on the bridge, control of batteries and other electrical components.

As for the engine, the technology is very advanced, more or less all the manufacturers share the same solutions, so differentiating in this aspect is very difficult, especially when it comes to post-treatment, more or less we are all at the same level. So, as far as our strategy is concerned, we say that we want to extend the range of supply through a network of additional systems and services, capable of offering real added value. Differentiation is the password. We want to differentiate ourselves from others and doing it on the engine side alone is difficult today. For example, up to 10 - 15 years ago the most important aspects were high power and sustained speed, we still have customers who request them and we continue to invest heavily also in the performance aspect. However, in the meantime the downsizing trend has become established, and customers are no longer looking for maximum power and require integrated and smart propulsion packages. Attention is also towards other aspects, such as vibrations and noise, optimization of engine performance, all features guaranteed by our engines, and it is in these aspects that the possibility to differentiate lies, together with the excellence of the service and the proposal of systems smart or integrated, like the hybrid.

We consider downsizing a very important trend. Of course, this leads to considerably more comfort on board, since it is generally considered more relaxing to sail more quietly with full electric propulsion. In this sense, the point of view of the shipyards is interesting. They too are moving towards differentiation, and are particularly interested in innovation. However, we know that this industry is still very conservative, and nobody wants to be a guinea pig. All require very reliable systems, which coincides with our goal: to offer standard solutions, certified and supported everywhere by adequate assistance.

There are several aspects to consider. Of course we have competitors who follow a strategy very similar to ours. Other competitors have a very effective ecosystem, are very innovative, offer with IPS an alternative solution to our engines. However, what we do is based on our engines, we try to implement further advantages that are not yet available on the market. A hybrid system, for example, which is not yet available for certain boat classes and power ranges. And of course we play on multiple tables. Volvo Penta is strong in the power range for boats up to 15/20 meters, we are oriented to a higher range, and everyone is more or less protecting its segment. Not everyone, for example, wants to put four engines in one hull, which also entails disadvantages in terms of integration on board. Integration is a concept that goes beyond simple propulsion. Mtu benefits from the fact that it has been dealing with integration for decades, in various sectors, from the military to large yachts, with skills developed in-house. The challenge in the naval sector is to make these solutions attractive in terms of costs, weight and dimensions. The goal is to have compact, reliable, modular solutions supported by a worldwide service network.

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