II. Cannes Film Festival, Canceled Due to World War II, Will Be Held 80 Years Later With The Same Program

II. Cannes Film Festival, Canceled Due to World War II, Will Be Held 80 Years Later With The Same Program

II. The films in the selection of the 1939 Cannes Film Festival, which had to be canceled due to the start of World War II, will be screened in Orléans 80 years later.

The Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious festivals in the cinema world, was originally planned to be held in 1939. The festival, which was intended to be a democratic and libertarian alternative to the Venice Film Festival that made the fascist administration feel at that time, was being prepared under the leadership of Jean Zay, who has been working on this project since the early 1930s. Zay, who was the Minister of Culture and Education of France in 1935, finally found financing for this film festival that he has been working on for years, and chose Cannes to host the festival. Films from the USA, France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland, which are defined as "free nations", will be included in this festival, which is planned to be a libertarian alternative to the Venice Film Festival at a time when fascism is rising and the world is slowly dragging towards war. . The honorary president of the festival would be Louis Lumière, one of the founders of the cinema. Movies to be featured in the selection were announced and a festival poster was prepared. Even important names such as Gary Cooper, Tyrone Power, Norma Shearer, George Raft, Gary Grant, James Cagney, Spencer Tracy and Barbara Stanwick were announced to be guests. However, everything changed when the German army entered Poland on September 1, 1939. II, which will change the face of Europe. World War I started and one of the casualties of all this happened was the 1st Cannes Film Festival.

The first Cannes Film Festival was held seven years later, in 1946, and the festival, which has become one of the most important meeting points of the cinema world over the years, took its place in the cinema world, even if it was delayed. However, the first film selection that Jean Zay prepared after long efforts could not take place in the festival. However, a project launched years later will bring this selection to the big screen in France 80 years later. Jean Zay Cercle d'Orléans, founded to promote the legacy of Jean Zay, who is the founder of the Cannes Film Festival and has a unique share in the development of French cinema, and to make Zay more recognizable. The 1st Cannes Film Festival, which was canceled due to World War II, will come to life in Orléans, the city where Zay was born 80 years later. The films planned to be featured in the selection of the 1st Cannes Film Festival will be screened at this event in Orléans.

The festival, which will be held between 12-17 November, will include films from the 1939 selection as well as documentaries that will be screened for the first time. The films that will take place at the festival are as follows:

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