In Cannes revealed the details of the film "Bender" with Bezrukov

In Cannes revealed the details of the film Bender with Bezrukov

The Cannes MIPCOM content market is known for & nbsp; setting vectors and tracking trends. It was here, for the first time, that they introduced, for example, the capabilities of social networks such as Facebook & nbsp; and Twitter, told what & nbsp; Netflix or showed & nbsp; video in 4K or 8K format. And - before you have time to blink an eye - the whole world already knows what it is and is actively using new opportunities.

At the current & nbsp; MIPCOM, which runs from October 14 to 17, new trends. They are manifested, in particular, in the fact that now content is purchased not only and not so much by television channels, but in large numbers - & nbsp; Internet platforms of different countries. Because of this, & nbsp; the number of buyers has increased dramatically, & nbsp; and at decent premieres, like at an auction: whoever bought the first is “in the damsels”. This also applies to Russian market participants. Digital procurement platforms represent a serious & nbsp; competition for television channels. Especially if there is a Russian trace in a foreign show or & nbsp; series, or the & nbsp; project is clearly a "rating collector." So the queues for the content market have grown & nbsp; (for example, in the morning they are as big as at the Cannes Film Festival for the new Tarantino film), and negotiations are held & nbsp; "for speed". As for the production of content by digital platforms, it’s difficult to talk about decent competition with television channels (this is, in particular, about & nbsp; about our country). However, the main thread on the & nbsp; market is the topic of what exactly, following the example of the giants Netflix & nbsp; and Amazon, will begin to produce and show “networkers”.

So, at the beginning of the first day of MIPCOM, the impression was that the market suspended its work when James Farrell and Georgia Brown, the head of the international and European divisions of Amazon & nbsp, spoke in a large audience. Looking ahead, we say that even the appearance in Cannes of a world star Patrick Dempsey, who represented the new Sky series Devils, did not make such a stir. The full hall at the & nbsp; top managers' presentation & nbsp; Amazon carefully listened to the story of how the Internet service is going to expand and & nbsp; work & nbsp; with different countries and territories. In particular, new projects presented in cooperation with India and Japan were presented. It was also about Russia - from the speeches it followed that in a couple of years the production of shows for & nbsp; Amazon will be arranged in our country, although even now a number of domestic & nbsp; films and TV shows have already been put up on the service. & Nbsp; The emphasis & nbsp; on the & nbsp; panel Amazon was placed on the production of high-quality local series, which, above all, cause interest in their territories. They also emphasized that the story told in them should be universal for the whole world.

Olga Filipuk - & nbsp; CEO & nbsp; "Yandex. Studios" - represented Russia as a whole and her company, & nbsp; in particular, on a special panel about the future content, along with representatives of Studios BBC, for example. Speaking, Filipuk & nbsp; said, as if in tone with the leaders of & nbsp; Amazon, the phrase, they say, we are guided & nbsp; to the local market, the production of local content, but at the same time emphasized that the "local" with us is designed for 150 million people. The discussion moderator almost whistled at the & nbsp; awareness of opportunities. He could not help but ask Filipuk a question about cooperation with global companies and talents - directors, actors and others. Filipuk answered, they say, we would be happy to work with them and are looking for opportunities for co-production. She cited the 2018 McMafia series, made by & nbsp; in successful collaboration with seven countries. By the way, Russian stars play in it too.

Contrary to the expectations of many, Filipuk did not disclose details of what exactly Yandex.Studio will produce, but promised that in spring 2020 the resource intends to launch one new series a month. We add that so far it is only known that Yandex.Studio and KinoPoisk HD have become partners & nbsp; in Russia & nbsp; of the film "Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor". KinoPoisk & nbsp; will strategically support the film at the box office, and Yandex services will receive the right to an exclusive screening of the film on Runet. In early October, the first caste of the film was announced. & Nbsp; Police Major Igor Grom will play & nbsp; Tikhon Zhizhevsky, actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater. The role of the chief of Major Grom - Colonel Fedor Prokopenko - & nbsp; Honored Artist of Russia & nbsp; Alexei Maklakov, & nbsp; teammate Igor, naive and devoted to the common cause of Dim Dubin, is a young actor & nbsp; Alexander Seteykin. The main female role - & nbsp; journalist-blogger Yulia Pchelkina was chosen & nbsp; Lyubov Aksenova. & Nbsp; Sergei Goroshko & nbsp; will play the founder of the social network "Together", philanthropist and philanthropist Sergei Razumovsky. A couple of him will be & nbsp; Dmitry Chebotarev & nbsp; - he will play the role of Oleg Volkov, a childhood friend and bodyguard of Razumovsky.

The RG observer was interested in the question of whether the recent fall in Yandex shares by 20 percent would affect & nbsp; opportunities in the production of new content. She asked him to Olga Filipuk after her performance on the international panel. The top manager replied that the shares had already gone up and assured that this would not affect the content & nbsp; direction.

Unlike Yandex, the top managers of the online cinema Okko (Rambler Group) did not hide what they were preparing for their platform. They behaved in exactly the same way as the online resource in Russia - presented key projects and thereby created a & nbsp; audience expectations rating. It was not in vain that the Russian MIPCOM participants went to the Okko presentation without waiting for the Amazon panel to finish. & Nbsp; On the international market & nbsp; the Okko presentation was a pleasant surprise - foreigners did not expect the team of young and ambitious executives to report that Russia is so seriously engaged in content for large internet platforms. As for the team, Okko & nbsp; was represented by Rafael Abrahamyan, CEO of Rambler, Ivan Grodetsky, head of the Okko & nbsp; and & nbsp; cinema Sofya Kvashilava & nbsp; - its content director. Moreover, they brought with them to Cannes the famous director and producer & nbsp; Bakur Bakuradze, who is preparing a new project for the network platform.

Not so much for foreigners as for people living in Russia it was important that Rafael Abrahamyan told about the reconstruction of the Khudozhestvenny cinema. Abrahamyan made a very good comparison - this movie theater and the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. Both buildings can be proud of their history. On special slides it was presented exactly what “Artistic” would look like - it will become a premium-class cinema. & Nbsp; Now, let us recall, it is undergoing a long-term reconstruction, both Muscovites and guests of the capital are waiting for its opening. They promise that this will happen next year.

Today it was known - and "RG" wrote about it & nbsp; - & nbsp; about the film "Bender", which will appear on Okko. The resource finances the project of production of the company Alexander Tsekalo "Wednesday". In Cannes for the first time showed an expanded video. Young Bender is handsome and somewhat similar to the & nbsp; popular actor Anton Makarsky & nbsp; - what he was like 10 years ago. The video was built on the basis of the story of the "Jewish-Odessa" mother - what was and how the good boy Osya was and how he grew up. It turned out that his father - and Bender, as we recall, the son of a Turkish citizen, was a bad-looking swindler. Sergei Bezrukov in this role does not resemble himself in other projects. As follows from the video, the boy Osia for some reason was reaching for his father. And then in it & nbsp; you could see a story similar to the series about the old man & nbsp; Makhno and Mishka Yaponchik and a film in the spirit of "Elusive Avengers" at the same time. There is a hunt for a precious item studded with diamonds, during which & nbsp; young and old Bender demonstrate their talents and skills. & Nbsp; During the clip, from the previous work of the company & quot; Tsekalo, Trotsky appears. All the more interesting. & Nbsp; Olga Sutulova, Pavel Derevyanko, Artem Tkachenko and other artists act in the film.

However, not a "Bender" one. Okko & nbsp; plans to conquer different segments of the audience. For example, from this month on the resource there is a series for teenagers and their parents & nbsp; "Children" ("WG" also wrote in detail about it). The promotion of this series, designed for foreign experts in the field of content, is also made very high quality. And in many respects it is built on a play on words about the dangerous and safe Internet. & Nbsp; "Children", by the way, we recall, experimenting with the form & nbsp; of both production and delivery. The premiere of the series took place on the VKontakte social network.

Of course, the main news for the audience was that Bakur Bakuradze - a prominent representative of the art house cinema & nbsp; - now works with such a large Internet platform as & nbsp; Okko, and is also preparing a series experiment.

"We are creating an original project - it’s enough & nbsp; interesting. This is a series, but unusual. It consists of the main film and & nbsp; 8-10 episodes, each of which & nbsp; 8-10 minutes long," said Bakuradze in Cannes. & Nbsp; - & nbsp; Topic the series post-apocalyptic world today. " Web series - satellites will be launched two months before the main movie. Each of them & nbsp; completed by meaning. The project is called "Survivors." And it should be noted that in the domestic market the creators of the series Epidemic and Outpost have already addressed the theme of the apocalypse (the latter will also be released in the form of a film). However, in all projects the apocalypse is different. By the way, the "Survivors" also featured & nbsp; a deadly virus. But he & nbsp; kills a person during sleep.

Sofya Kvashilava also said that the Okko & nbsp; service acquired the rights to display the Force Majeure series produced by NTV channel with Pavel Priluchny in the title role, as well as two series made by Ukrainian Film UA. This is "Phantom" - & nbsp; here it must be said that the video presented with Yuri Chursin and & nbsp; Pavel Maykov in roles is extremely exciting. And "Hide and Seek." But this series has already visited Cannes. He participated in the MIP Drama & nbsp; Byers and was immediately liked by many. The series has a mystical component, and it concerns the theme of missing children.

The good news is that Okko & nbsp; refers to web series, popularizing this direction on the one hand, and on the other - following global trends. Two & nbsp; projects presented in Cannes. "Digital Doctor" is an interactive comic book about a specialist in digital technology. And - Russian Hackers. The Wild Digital studio is behind the projects, and they have already very successfully tested themselves in Russia, in particular, at the festival of web series & nbsp; Realist Web Fest.

Another project that will clearly bring Okko & nbsp; high points was also known earlier. This is the film "Current War" & nbsp; with Benedict Cumberbatch, Nicholas Holt and Michael Shannon & nbsp; in the lead roles. & Nbsp; Timur Bekmambetov is also related to the project. And also - Harvey Weinstein, because of the scandal with which, in fact, the release of the film was postponed indefinitely. "RG" wrote in detail about this & nbsp; project & nbsp; a couple of years ago - in 2017, when it premiered at the Toronto festival. & Nbsp; The film tells, in particular, about the inventor & nbsp; Nicole Tesla. And here's what's interesting - some time ago right there in Cannes, Milos Bikovic presented a new project dedicated to the same legendary man. Who knows, suddenly in the future Okko & nbsp; will pay attention to this film ... It is almost as likely as the, MTS, and other digital companies will bring their projects to the following international content markets, who will produce their films and series. The wait is not long.

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