Index - Culture - The film of László Nemes Jeles won in Cannes

Index - Culture - The film of László Nemes Jeles won in Cannes The film of László Nemes Jeles won the award in Cannes
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László Nemes' film "Sunrise" won the Student Culture Jury Award of the French Culture France, broadcast at the 72nd Cannes Festival on Sunday, MTI said. & Nbsp;

Established in 2015, the award was awarded to six hundred French students for the best of five works selected by a jury selected by the channel and presented in France.

Student representatives say the artistic qualities, illumination, selection and focus of the fragile 35mm film have convinced members of the jury after the protagonist's irrationality and mystery raise such personal and civilization problems, they are also about today.

Nemes Jeles thanked the award in a voice message. He said he was particularly pleased with the recognition of the young generation, because the Sunshine expects the viewer to look a little different from what they usually do in movies, and accepts that following Iris, he will enter a "personal maze." He thinks it is important that a film not only creates waves, but also remains in the viewer's mind for a long time.

The award was received at the festival by Clara Royer, co-author of the film's script. & Nbsp;
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images Hungary

The Sunrise script is co-written by the director with Clara Royer and Matthieu Taponier, who is also the film's editor. The cinematographer was Mátyás Erdély, composer László Melis, sound designer Tamás Zányi, casting director Éva Zabezsinszkij, set designer László Rajk and costume designer Györgyi Szakács.

Starring Jakab Juli (Leiter Iris) and Romanian Vlad Ivanov (Brill Oszkár).

The Sunshine is sponsored by the Hungarian National Film Fund and co-produced by Laokoon Filmgroup, co-produced by Gábor Sipos and Gábor Rhine. Its world premiere was in the competition program of the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Best Film Award from the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI.

Already before the world premiere, László Nemes Jeles's film was bought by distributors in almost 70 countries and has been screened in cinemas in France since March.

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