It is still a full moon at the Palavittorie in Cannes

It is still a full moon at the Palavittorie in Cannes

It's still Full Moon at the Palavittorie in Cannes. Carocci once again manages to inflame the spectators by combining concreteness and spectacularity, control and management of the balls in defense and reception, safety and experience by touching motivational and relational aspects of the whole team.

And so coach Marchesi's RC Cannes wins the encore by winning the French Super Cup after the scudetto, inflicting an eloquent 3-1 at St Raphael in the single race (25-23; 22-25; 25-22; 25 -17) at the end of a vibrant and exciting Côte d'Azur derby.

Another international success for the globetrotter that makes the whole Lucca vollystic movement proud. A success that has strong motivational repercussions for an athlete who manages with determination and insistence to overcome obstacles and difficulties and now who has taken a taste for victory ends up never being satisfied, chasing new goals and new satisfactions.

The series of long streaks of success started for Luna in 2015 with the River Volley in Piacenza when she won the Italian Super Cup. It continued in Germany with the conquest of the Scudetto and the German Super Cup with the Schweriner and in France by winning the transalpine Scudetto last season consolidated by the Super Cup on Friday evening.

"This victory was needed - underlines the free ascent by Antraccoli - confirming that we have deserved the title. I dedicate this cup to my boyfriend Gerardo who, despite his work commitments, managed to be present in the stands and when I see him gives security ".

"It was an intense match against a good opponent, who gave in only in the last games of the fourth set. For us an injection of confidence in view of the start of the championship and the Champions League, which already indicates a good physical condition , perhaps unexpected. "

MVP was judged the thirty-one-year-old Ukrainian crusher Nadiia Kodola, in her fourth year in the city of the Croisette even if she returned after last season playing in CSM Bucharest, the former team of Luna where she played in 2016-17. For the good performance of the team, for the Bolognese coach Riccardo Marchesi, a coach who gives great importance to balance, a good indication also by the new arrivals.

"Surely - Luna replies - in my opinion the surprise of the match was the twenty year old Cuban crusher Islen Castillo Vital, in his first year out of his country. She was called in the third set to replace Ljiljana Rankovic, still struggling with some problems at the injured ankle in previous playoffs, making an excellent contribution to our victory. "

Friday begins the championship where you start with the favors of the prediction, a weight that you didn't have last year. Are you worried about having to reconfirm yourself at these levels?

"We are aware of the difficulties we are going to face. The championship will be decided in May, when we have to concentrate on important matches. The strength of a team meets within it, so that harmony and team spirit continue to reign, weapons that made us win the Scudetto despite having finished the regular season in second place.I am very pleased to have contributed to bringing the Scudetto back to Cannes, when it had been missing for four years, which are many for the most titled team in France with 21 titles. "

"That is an even more difficult path. I managed to get to the Final Four with Villa Cortese seven years ago. It would be great to be able to repeat myself with this team, but the Italians and Turks have greater potential."

Meanwhile Friday the debut in Ligue A at the Palavittorie against Venelles. Whistle to start at 20 of a new season abroad for a Globetrotter that has increasingly taken on the taste of victory.

The new Bionatura Nottolini shows itself to its fans on Friday evening at 9.00 pm in a friendly match against Castelfranco. A derby very felt by the two companies that play in B1 that will compete for the leadership in Tuscany in the championship. In the last championship in Capannori the Pisan team prevailed even if at the end of the tournament it was Becheroni's team to place better with the sixth final place. For fans the opportunity to see the new arrivals Lara Salvestrini and Margherita Giani at work.

Two wins, a draw and a game postponed due to bad weather: the youth of the Tau Calcio Altopascio close the first part of the championship without losing

Today's success is worth more than the two points offered, for all that has been seen on the pitch and for the complex week between injuries and seasonal diseases suffered by the red and white

There are two types of teams that achieve excellent results. Strong teams that know they are strong and weak ones that know they are weak. All other crossings are losers. The Bama seen with Arezzo belongs to one of the intersections just described, easy to imagine which

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