Kult: Hungarian exam film submitted to Cannes Film Festival - HVG.hu

Kult: Hungarian exam film submitted to Cannes Film Festival - HVG.hu

The 24-minute & nbsp; exam film was produced by the Masters degree in Motion Picture Arts at the Budapest Metropolitan University. The film is based on Krisztina Tóth's short story, titled Vera Venczel and Ildikó Tóth.

In the story of "As So Far," a tragic news story turns an elderly woman's life into a positive moment. All of the & nbsp; actors, centered on the elderly and hard-hearted Margit and her daughter Judith, become part of a hopeful lie when Margit falls ill.

"This sudden event brings a change in the lives of both of them and a new beginning in their relationship," reads the & nbsp; MAgyar National Film Newsletter.

As so far, the script by Katalin Moldova, director Zita Palóczi, was filmed by András Táborosi, cinematographer Orsolya Soltész, production director Zsófia Makkos. & Nbsp;

Katalin Moldová was born in Dés in 1982, graduated in Film and Media from Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania and then from the Budapest Metropolitan University. & Nbsp; She made several short films at the university (After Season, Opportunities for Friendship, Burok, Tickets). With the support of the MTVA Patronage, Sándor Szántó is shooting a documentary about a Reformed pastor and a Hungarian community in Havasalföld.

Out of the approximately 2,000 entries submitted to the Cinéfondation competition, 17 examination films, including 14 fiction and 3 animation, were invited. There will be three awards in the category on May 23. The selection jury will be chaired this year by French writer-director Claire Denis. The prestigious screenings of exam and diploma films have also included films by Kornél Mundruczó, Ágnes Kocsis, Bálint Szimler, Mór György Kárpáti, Nadja Andrasev and Áron Szentpéteri.

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