Kult: Is Cannes Film Festival still needed at all? - HVG.hu

Kult: Is Cannes Film Festival still needed at all? - HVG.hu

As everyone watches the Thrones battle and is willing to jerk off to a cinema for fifteen superheroes at a time, the world's most significant film festival struggles to stay relevant. An old-fashioned institution or the last bastion of cinema? Many people are buried at the Cannes Film Festival, but the situation at the scene is very encouraging.

In Cannes, every year, a little bit of the same. The same Marcona security guards are taking away our half-eaten sandwiches while standing in line, catching a moderately weak Wi-Fi signal, and likewise movie fans dressed in evening gowns trying to downplay the invitation to the gala screenings.

There are plenty of returning directors and actors, and while Pedro Almodóvar, Ken Loach or the Dardenne brothers are automatically given a spot on the competition, young actors like Kristen Stewart, Shia LaBeouf, Robert Pattinson In her two-week directorial side-session, her new film, The Lighthouse, is one of this year's greatest sensations) or Elle Fanning. By the way, Fanning is a member of the jury this year, but he is also a veteran at the age of 21, as he has had four films in the official program and in his first Cannes film (Babel) directed by two Oscar-winning Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

Senegalese actress Maimouna N'Diaye, member of the jury, Mexican director Alejandro González Inárritu, president of the jury and American actress Elle Fanning (bj) take part in the opening day of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, May 2019 I.

Cannes's relationship with Hollywood has been wavering for years. Last year, the American press buried the festival, when it turned out that barely a few celebrity and well-known American directors were in the competition. The Big Oscars of the Fall Oscar Season (My Favorite, Roma, Star) are awaiting a late-summer Venetian tour, while Cannes has Japanese, South Korean, Egyptian and Lebanese films competing for the Golden Palm. Another issue is that the Cannes organizers could laugh at the end of the year, as apart from the three Venice bombshell successes, the Cannes feature films were the best films of 2018 and the winners of the four most important Cannes awards ( Store Thieves, Grand Jury Prize - BlacKkKlansman, Best Direction Prize - Cold War, Jury Prize - Kafarnaum - The Way of Hope) were all Oscar nominees this January.

Another question is whether there is a place outside the Lumière Hall in Cannes where thousands of Bong-Joon Ho (Okja, Snowpiercer and this year's Parasites), Abdellatif Kechiche (Adèle's life, now Mektoub, My Love: Intermezzo) or Xavier Dolan (Imagined Lovers, Mom and this year Matthias & Maxime). For example, only the new films of Quentin Tarantino (Formerly Hollywood) and Pedro Almodóvar (Pain and Glory) have set a Hungarian cinema premiere date for this year's Cannes feature films.

So far, the race program seems to have struck a good balance between the rented old men and the younger generation. According to the bookmakers, Pedro Almodóvar has the greatest chance of finally winning the Golden Palm. Pain and Glory coming to Hungarian cinemas in the next few days is no better movie than Talking to My Mother! or the Women on the brink of total nerve wrecking, yet crowning the oeuvre with the courageous admission of Almodóvar, at the age of seventy, very old, tired, and past. This sincerity also sheds some new light on why the Spanish master has been asking for 10 years of self-repetition or the decline of what was once legendary humor.

The 82-year-old Ken Loach hasn't changed the recipe for the double prize, and we can see the novelty of the Dardenne brothers, who are also in socio-drama and also two Golden Palm winners. Le jeune Ahmet is about a radicalizing Muslim boy, which is also interesting because, in Western Europe, the realists of the great realism used to be almost exclusively white people, and only in the last two Dardenne films did he become interested in diverse Belgium. And for this year's Cannes competition, they will necessarily face their film on the first day of the giant pop-up transcript of Les Misérables, directed by Mali-based first-rate Ladj Ly, who may have been able to portray Parisian suburbs with astounding credibility and empathy. because you come from there.

In the meantime, Amazon has hit the international market for Les misérables, again focusing on the controversial Cannes v streaming providers two years ago. It was Netflix that was involved in the war, after French cinema networks would not allow their most important screenings to go to the cinema after the Cannes premiere. However, according to local regulations, movies can only be made available for streaming years after the movie has been distributed.

Thanks to Netflix, it does not ask, especially since the number of subscribers in Europe has increased rapidly in recent years. Last year Roma nominated for the 10 Oscars was the victim of a disagreement (Venice was pleased to introduce it, though Italian cinemas have protested since then), and Martin Scorsese's gangster gangster, The Irishman, is expecting the fall festival season - according to official justification.

But & nbsp; Netflix is ​​just a small part of the problem, as they are likely to lose nothing by skipping Cannes, but most directors are jumping to the clouds, instead of fifty people in New York and London cinemas around the world your movie becomes available.

Netflix also distributed Body and Soul in America, and Girl of Success in Cannes last year, while Cold War and The Old City came on Amazon, not to mention the recent TV show Jane Campion, Park Chan-wook, Cary Fukunaga, George Clooney and Nicolas Winding Refn are also included.

The blurring boundaries between TV and cinema are sometimes admitted by the Cannes Film Festival, but sometimes stubbornly closed. Two years ago, the return of David Lynch and the Twin Peaks was celebrated with a red carpet gala premiere, to date the only female Golden Palm award-winning director, Jane Campion, has brought the whole second season of Mirror of the Lake to Cannes. This year, Danish friar Nicolas Winding Refn got an out-of-competition opportunity to showcase two parts of his new Amazon series, Too Old To Die Young (typically not the first two, but the fourth and fifth), but with so many tastes, it seems inconceivable that somebody wants to watch the whole season. Random scenes, snail-moving and talking characterless characters, neon light and lynching stretches of lynching characterize the ultra-violent yet non-thrilling series. The question arises as to how long after Drive eight years ago there is still a check for the beloved trolling director.

Professionals agree that Cannes will have to agree with streaming service providers as classic Hollywood studios become less and less worthwhile to come to the Riviera. While Hollywood parties and professional events hit the Croisette ten to fifteen years ago, many studios are now completely absent or limited to a symbolic presence in Cannes. Except, of course, there was a Hollywood premiere on Tuesday (exactly the 25th anniversary of the Show of the Canvas premiere), featuring Quentin Tarantino's Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Tarantino is worshiped in Cannes, when, for example, the wildly entertaining and virtuosic racing film The Wild Goose Lake premiered, almost completely distracted the Chinese staff.

But those who are left cold by Chinese, Senegalese, or French racing films have been forced to catch up with Elton John and Rocketman, who is working on his life. At the out-of-competition premiere, many saw further evidence of Cannes's loss of space and a desperate populist move to suspect the inclusion of a new rock star biography trying to ride the success of the Bohemian rhapsody. Fortunately, Rocketman is indeed a commercial audience, unlike the socio-dramas and genre films in the competition, but with his creative musical scenes and authentic drama, he deserves to be here. Starring Taron Egerton as the title role, I'm Still Standing inserts Cannes 36 years ago when Elton John's bikini and swallow dancers cover the Croisette in a video clip of the song. On the other hand, it would be a pity to wait for such a hot atmosphere at the party following the successful film; for years this has been the case

There are those blessed moments in film history when big talents come together. Such was the case when Harvey Keitel received his Scripts in the Dog clip written by a young director, a certain Quentin Tarantino. Now they are both celebrating: Tarantino's world-class classic, The Tarpaulin, was introduced 25 years ago, and Harvey Keitel is 80 years old.

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