Les Films de Cannes à Bucharest - Mungiu, at the authors' debate: Culture does not come naturally. We need to encourage young people to not just watch video games with live actors

Les Films de Cannes à Bucharest - Mungiu, at the authors' debate: Culture does not come naturally. We need to encourage young people to not just watch video games with live actors

The filmmakers Cristian Mungiu and Claude Lelouch were on Saturday night the protagonists of the "Debate of the Authors" which took place during the tenth edition of Les Films de Cannes in Bucharest. They talked about the situation of the cinematography, the film of the author, about the influence of the streaming platforms, about the society and culture.

"What does tomorrow's cinema look like today?", "What are streaming platforms and what changes do they bring?", "What will the author's cinema look like tomorrow?" .

"I'm not in a position to criticize Netflix, but I saw" Rome ", which is a great movie on the big screen. I couldn't watch him on TV. It's a totally different emotion. You can't transmit that on the small and big screen as well, "he said. & Nbsp;

Lelouch added that, after a 60-year career, he would not be able to make films for such platforms. "For this you have to write and direct in a certain way."

"I think that all these platforms are fighting against the big screen, but at one point the audience will become tired and want to return to the cinemas," concluded the Frenchman. As an author, he wanted to make films for the general public, because, he says, the history of cinema is due to this genre, not necessarily to Orson Welles and Godard.

Mungiu agreed that the quality of the emotion transmitted is different and added: "We must admit that those who were born with the internet and mobile phones are different people, from another planet. The world has changed fundamentally. It is more important to focus on what kind of content we offer and not on how the content reaches them, because this option is something we cannot control. ”

He said: "I prefer a Netflix narrative movie to a Marvel movie on the big screen and I think that we should encourage. Let's encourage young people to not just watch video games with live actors. ”

The Romanian director also said that the rhythm of the story is the one that constantly changes in the cinematography. “Today, we tell a generation that is not patient to sit on the chair for 5 minutes and think about something or shut up and look out the window. And we, at our age, are contaminated to check if someone wrote to us or what happened. I think the fundamental change is the way the content will reach us. At the kind of pressure we put on ourselves, we don't have time to go out of the house to go to the movies, because this facility to watch any movie when you want has won a lot. "

"The big match has started and the cinema will win it. I do not think we can go against this state of affairs and I think this match will take about ten years, ”he said.

Cristian Mungiu acknowledged that he did not see success in this match. "If we don't do something ... By itself, I don't think education and culture ever wins. It only wins if they are facing an effort by someone who has a plan, who tries to protect the culture through education, because, we have to say that, the culture does not come naturally. ”& Nbsp;

He continued: “With the loss of the 600 rooms in Romania, we are not just talking about a logistical loss, it is a loss of social habit. Getting out of the house at the cinema, then, was an experience. If we want to have hope for something to change we have to oppose a proactive force to this economic reality based on the fact that you have to give the consumer what he wants ”.

Mungiu said that the educational effort must be started at an early age. "Now, in contrast to the education I would like for children, we have all the channels that take them by commercial assault from an early age. We do not have to condemn what they like, but we must insinuate ourselves into these channels and try to give them little pills, give them options, to see that there is something else. The children will express themselves in their own way, not in ours, that is clear. ”

The Romanian filmmaker believes that three things are needed to make a change: “It takes resources, vision and the will to implement a plan. The question is what we have to do in our state. We have so many urgencies to solve that culture is the last. It was not, is not and will not be the immediate priority of anyone. I can't claim it should be, in a country like ours. Every time the Minister of Culture changes, I go to talk to him. I had the naivety to write 15 years ago, on behalf of the group of filmmakers I started with, a kind of visionary manifesto of the things we had to change. This is true today, because since then there have been countless ministers. Until I go a second time to ask if we have succeeded in implementing something from what I have told, he is not.

“We have to solve things in a natural order, to reach a certain social stability. After all, everything is about prosperity. When you create a prosperous society, you begin to have the resources, the calm and the peace to think about something other than emergencies. If we are on this road, I cannot say, ”concluded Mungiu.

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