Mapic in Cannes: shopping is dead, long live hosping! | WebTimeMedias

Mapic in Cannes: shopping is dead, long live hosping! | WebTimeMedias

The transformation of physical commerce from a place of transactions to a place of relationships is at the heart of the International Market for Commercial Establishment, which will be held on November 13 and 14 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and will be preceded by a "Leisure Day" ", day devoted to leisure. Hence this new concept of "hosping", a contraction of "hospitality" and "shopping".

What will be discussed at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on November 13 and 14 at MAPIC, the international market for commercial establishment, the Côte d'Azur can touch it: it is this transformation of physical commerce which, d 'a place of transactions becomes a place of relationships. The mega-developments of its shopping centers with the opening of Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-mer and the extension to 650 M € of Cap 3000 (a large part has just been opened this week) go in this direction. & Nbsp; (Photo & nbsp; Saguez & amp; Partners: Huawei's new "flagship" in Shenzhen, China looks more like an urban agora than a store)

This change in commerce will be one of the main subjects of this MAPIC 2019, which will bring together 2,000 retail representatives and 2,200 owners of retail space. In this line, the day before the opening, Tuesday, November 12, is organized for the first time a day dedicated to leisure. A new "Leisure Day" which aims to deepen this striking market trend.

To better understand and draw on these major developments, Reed Midem also published a white paper produced by "in interiors" under the title "Shopping is dead, long live hosping?". & Nbsp; A new word invented by l 'agency Saguez & amp; Partners, of a contraction between "hospitality" and "shopping". The trade lives a paradoxical moment, it is noted in the preamble in the study: it can be done everywhere, all the time, via its declination online, but nevertheless most of the consumers remain attached to the physical stores, so much so that pure e-commerce players are opening their own spaces.

In France, 50 years after their arrival on the territory, shopping centers are also on the front line of this change, it is recalled. Today, the concept of jumbos designed for the mass market is no longer in line with consumer concerns. It becomes necessary to make them living spaces, mixing fun, catering, culture and services. Thus, the logic that used to dictate the design of shopping centers before - consisting in bringing the consumer into a customer journey to maximize the number of shop windows he will pass by - is over.

Today we are moving from a place of transactions to a place of relationships. "For years, retail has standardized with major brands present all over the world. There is a trend towards a return of strong personalization of spaces. The place is essential as an important lever to create the emotional bond between brands and their customers, "said the study.

The architecture and design of shopping centers is called upon to take this development into account. The new flagships, like Huawei's in Shenzhen, are more like urban agoras than stores. And to quote the designer & nbsp; Patrick Jouin & nbsp; who notably participated in the redevelopment of Cap 3000 in the Metropolis. "We are not just stylists or decorators who would come to put a pretty color. Far from it! I find it interesting to try to get out of the binary commercial relationship. Trade is part of human activity, just like the need to to be together, to exchange; there is a need for spaces dedicated to this, accompanied by empathy, efficiency and beauty. "

It is this path which was taken with the extension of CAP 3000 which has made it possible to multiply the places of restoration, to open widely on the sea, to integrate the new spa-fitness-beauty center of the Spanish Metropolitan , to open an immersive space designed with the oceanographic center of Monaco. This is also what has been sought in Polygone Riviera with its concept of an open-air Mediterranean shopping center. Two shopping centers that put the Côte d'Azur at the forefront.

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