"Matthias and Maxime" in the cinema: the press opinion - Bulles de Culture

Matthias and Maxime in the cinema: the press opinion - Bulles de Culture

Matthias and Maxime by Xavier Dolan has been in theaters since October 16, 2019. The film with Gabriel d'Almeida and Xavier Dolan was part of the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival 2019. (Re) discover the film review of Bulles de Culture, published at the time of the Cannes presentation of this film, as well as the opinions of our press colleagues. & nbsp;

Two childhood friends kiss for the needs of an amateur short film. Following this seemingly innocuous kiss, a recurring doubt arises, confronting the two boys with their preferences, upsetting the balance of their social circle and, soon, their lives. & nbsp;

Matthias and Maxime signed Xavier Dolan's return to the Cannes Film Festival in May. If the filmmaker, child of Cannes, already winner of a Grand Prix (Juste La Fin du Monde) and a Jury Prize (Mommy), left empty-handed with this film, he delivered a film "sober and modest" ; ”Which is more like his first achievements than his recent My Life with John F. Donovan (2018). & Nbsp;

Gabriel d'Almeida, in the lead role, is a sublime revelation. The latter "& nbsp; perfectly reproduces the deep introspections of his character" & nbsp ;. While Anne Dorval, emblematic maternal figure of the Dolan universe, returns dazzling. The actress recently seen in the series Mouche is certainly not very present on the screen but "& nbsp; is however at the base of the characterization of Maxime who had to be built around the psychotic illness of his mother" & nbsp ;. In the end, "& nbsp; we will be moved by this beautiful love story, whose flaws are secondary as the springs are to be taken with the heart" & nbsp ;.

Les Inrockuptibles shares our program by writing that "& nbsp; Matthias and Maxime has the stuff of impossible love stories on paper that have the power to incarnate in us & nbsp;". On this side, Le Parisien is just as enthusiastic when he sees in the film a “reflection all in pastel tones on friendship and love”, while Télérama is more radical in affirming that “romantic comedy takes take precedence over the buddy film “& nbsp ;.

Le Figaro is more severe towards the film by titling "& nbsp; Xavier Dolan rehashes his favorite themes and tires more than he moves" & nbsp ;. The premiere, usually benevolent with the young filmmaker, is also not convinced by the film: "& nbsp; Matthias and Maxime has the youthful and clumsy appearance of a first film" & nbsp;. & Nbsp;

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