Mayor of Argos - Mycenae paid for prizes in Cannes - Nearly € 9,000 from public money

Mayor of Argos - Mycenae paid for prizes in Cannes - Nearly € 9,000 from public money

Recently, the mayor of & nbsp; Argos-Mycenae, Dimitris Campos, received in Cannes & nbsp; two impressive awards, which turn out to be nothing more than "bought vanity awards", as revealed by & nbsp;

Specifically, Mr. Cambosos traveled to Cannes on October 4, where he received the Excellence in City Management and City Manager of the Year awards at a & nbsp; event organized by the Global Club of Leaders , created by the Europe Bussiness Assembly.

Dimitris Kambosos shared his award on his personal Facebook profile, while the controversial award, in addition to ERT and Mr. Kambosos' post, was also presented by local Argolis media.

However, in-depth research shows that the & nbsp; EBA is not an organization, but a company that sells prizes of between £ 3,000 and £ 9,000 each. It also has no & nbsp; relationship with the University of Oxford, the UN or any other small, recognized organization such as & nbsp; self-contained. & Nbsp;

In essence, this means that there is no & nbsp; prize competition, only those who claim a prize will receive it, as long as they pay. In this case, the Mayor of & nbsp; Argos-Mycenae spent 9,000 euros of public money to obtain the EBA awards, which are typically referred to as "vanity awards", despite impressive & nbsp; titles, and have no recognition.

The EBA presents itself as & nbsp; a "non-governmental organization comprised of politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world" with the mission of "business globalization of community members, promoting their achievements and innovative methods in the fields of economics, science, education and medicine, as well as facilitating social progress. " The & nbsp; EBA is even alleged to have & nbsp; direct cooperation with the UN. & Nbsp;

However, according to Times and The Telegraph reports, behind the EBA limited liability company 03964500 (which of course is not a "non-profit organization" as they say), is Ukrainian businessman Anton Savvov, with his son Ivan. The company started by exploiting, inter alia, the University of Oxford's worldwide reputation, through its website name (, for the sale of prizes worth millions of pounds.

According to & nbsp;, the & nbsp; EBA has nothing to do with the University of Oxford, but allegedly uses the Oxford name as well as photos of Oxford colleges in its promotional material to sell "prizes like International Socrates Award 'and' The Queen Victoria Commemoration ', charging & nbsp; £ 3,000 to £ 9,000 depending on the prize.

The awards are given by John Netting, a former lecturer at Oxford Brookes University who became a "public figure" in the EBA when he met Ivan Savvov, son of Anton Savvov, while he was studying at the university he taught. The EBA also sells memberships to "organizations" it has created, such as the Academic Union and the International Club of Leaders, and publishes paid articles in Socrates Almanac. The awards are given at ceremonies held in rented venues such as the Oxford City Hall, the Institute of Directors in London and other locations in Europe.

A former EBA official said they were instructed to "blur" the distinction between the EBA and the University of Oxford. "We were selling the idea that we were part of the great Oxford institution," he said. Former officials said they were instructed to search for people by searching the internet for email addresses from people in science and business. If one were interested in being awarded, they would receive a range of financial offers, depending on the prize they would like.

According to the Times, taxpayers' money is believed to have been used in some cases to buy the prizes, something that happened in the case of a "prize" given to Chinese state-owned Longyuan electricity provider, according to a South China Morning Post report. The article speaks directly of 'fraud', while the provider manager received the same medal as Mr Cambosos. & Nbsp;

At the first regular meeting of the members of the Economic Committee of the Municipality of Argos-Mycenae, the decision No. 213/2019 (as posted on Diaugia) was adopted, which approved the expenditure of EUR 3,950 for the payment required for the participation of a delegation of the Municipality in EUROPEAN AWARDS NIGHT conference organized by EUROPE BUSINESS ASSEMBLY (EBA).

In the program of the event they sent they say that the amount will be paid in cash. The Finance Committee also unanimously approved on September 23, 2019, the travel and compensation expenses of the Mayor, Mr. Campos. In detail: EUR 660 for accommodation, EUR 900 for airfare and EUR 200 daily allowance. Total amount of EUR 3,400. Finally, the Finance Committee unanimously decided on the same day to approve the costs and allowances of Mr Roiniotis as a translator. Details: accommodation costs 160 * 3 = 480 euros, airline ticket costs 900 euros and 80 * 2 = 160 euros daily allowance (Total amount 1,600 euros). Total cost € 8,950 for prizes with no value.

In a telephone interview with the Mayor of Argos-Mycenae, and to a question of & nbsp; & nbsp; if it was his own initiative, Dimitris Kambosos replied:

"No, there was a deer in Argos Mycenae municipality - not me - the EBA had seen the 2017 awards (The Best City Awards won by the Gold City Council) and wanted to invite some people from all over the world. Look, we had some questions because we saw some weird things in there, that is, the specific ones were accused of some things. We did the correspondence and thought about it upside down. We said 'very nice, since they ask us to go advertise our place and the money is too little (three and a half thousand euros for 2 people to watch a program') with tables on finance, development and so on from English teachers, we decided to go. So we went, now you go to an exhibition and you give 15 and 20 thousand and so we did it, no it wasn't our initiative. "

Regarding the & nbsp; € 3,900 for participating in a prize, the mayor replied that "you do not & nbsp; pay for the prize but you pay for exposing your municipality to all other states. That's what you pay for and you attend the gala - if you don't want to participate in these things, you don't pay. We asked to participate and we paid. I advertised my municipality. And I paid for the advertising of my place. "

In any case, note that the EBA business model is not illegal, because while universities need to be accredited to award degrees, there is no legislation that prevents companies from marketing "vanity awards".

Well, so great "Excellence in City Management", so terrible City Manager of the Year and the mayor was speaking so poor English that he needed a translator to get them out?

Rejoice him who voted for him! The gentleman had "painted" in the past with disgusting remarks against Boutari, about which Mitsotakis deleted him from the ND (but in the elections they probably found them again).

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