#MeToo: why did Adèle Haenel decide not to file a complaint?

#MeToo: why did Adèle Haenel decide not to file a complaint?

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Two days after the publication of Adèle Haenel's testimony, the Paris prosecutor's office decided to open an investigation for "sexual assault" Wednesday November 6. For her part, the actress who accuses & nbsp; the director Christophe Ruggia & nbsp; of "touching" and "harassment" when she was a minor, had & nbsp; immediately announced that she had never filed a complaint and that she didn't want to do it.

Justice "condemns attackers so little", justified the actress to the two Caesars in the & nbsp; long investigation that Mediapart & nbsp; devoted to her history. & Nbsp; "Justice ignores us, we ignore justice", summarizes . she & nbsp;

In a filmed interview, she develops her thinking a little more. "There is systemic violence against women in the justice system," she begins before declaring that "women are looked down upon." "One in 10 rapes leads to a conviction, what does the other nine mean?" She asks.

The choice of Adèle Haenel is based on the sad figures of the investigation of complaints of sexual and gender-based violence. In this regard, the & nbsp; High Council for Equality between Women and Men & nbsp; identified 32,700 alleged perpetrators involved in cases handled by French public prosecutors in 2017. Only 5,650 of them were convicted by justice.

More specifically, the High Council notes that two out of five alleged perpetrators were involved in rape cases, 13,080. Finally, they were only 1,652 to be sentenced, that is to say 12%. This is a "40% drop" in rape convictions in ten years, notes the institution. At issue: the increased number of complaints dismissed by the prosecution.

Therefore & nbsp; Adèle Haenel & nbsp; insists, her objective in giving her testimony on these facts of pedocrime is to use her privilege as a recognized actress to "free speech". "I am able to do it, I work enough, I have material comfort," she explains to Edwy Plenel and Marine Turchi, journalist who signs the investigation.

Director Christophe Ruggia, who has since been excluded by the French Society of Directors, categorically denies him the facts. As these were not time-barred, certain voices were raised believing that Adèle Haenel should have or should file a complaint. Starting with the Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet. Asked about this on France Inter, the Keeper of the Seals said she was "shocked" by her testimony. & Nbsp;

Nevertheless, Nicole Belloubet estimated that the actress was "wrong to think that justice cannot respond to this type of situation". "I think it should go to court," she insisted, taking the example of the & nbsp; Grenelle of domestic violence & nbsp; which aims in particular to take measures to put an end to the difficulties faced by women victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

A position also adopted by Andréa Bescond in the show & nbsp; On remait le monde & nbsp; of Tuesday 5 November. "I encourage Adèle Haenel today to go to file a complaint," she believes. "What is important today is to report the facts that she suffered". According to her, it is a "citizen duty" to "protect possible future victims". Herself a victim of sexual violence, Andréa Bescond recognizes that "justice is not up to par" but, that in her case, it was "a restorative step".

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For a bunch of files, anticor had to file a complaint, fillon, ferrand, .. or else, like polanski, who has been circulating for 45 years with an unenforced American arrest warrant - who told customs officers not to to control? - and there, for an unknown person, for facts likely to have happened 15 years ago, an investigation ...

What is the responsibility of parents in all these stories? Why did they let their little girl spend a lot of time alone with this gentleman? Don't they have a duty to protect their child especially before the age of 15? They are also the ones who should be implicated and explained to the courts. See the Flavie Flament case. In his book you can feel that the parents were complacent.

The fact of saying by denouncing that we do not believe in justice creates an injustice since the presumed innocent guy is fired from the French company of directors; This is not how we will solve the problems

Without filing a complaint, a man is dragged into the mud on late revelations and has no opportunity to defend himself in a court only empowered to convict him if he is found guilty.

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