Michael Schwechtje's film will also be in Cannes | Hungarian voice

Michael Schwechtje's film will also be in Cannes | Hungarian voice

Mihály Schwechtje's film is set to launch this year at the Cannes Écrans Junior program, and I hope you will die next time :) (RLSM). The drama, which was produced without film support but received extremely good reviews, was selected into a category that includes works aimed at children aged 13-15. RLSM will compete with eight other artworks at the May 19th-25th event. As Film.hu writes, the jury will consist of students.

Recently, Michael Schwechtje's film has toured Tallinn, Cottbus, Tarragona and Prague's Fabiofest. However, at the beginning of the year, we had to report that despite his success, Schwecht's next work could be completed without film support. The Hairpin turn is planned to be a black comedy about the fact that it is not possible to get a license in Hungary without paying the instructor.

In February, the director also told our newspaper that the film industry should come together for a better funding system. “It is not good that there were some flagship projects and we did not know the basis for deciding how much money to spend on a scenario development. Very different decisions have been made, often for no professional reason, ”said Mihály Schwechtje, who had previously put on the table short films such as Powdered Sugar or Who Hide It. His first feature film was about teenage online harassment and virtual networking.

Cannes Écrans Junior will feature works such as Rebekah from Fortune The Real Charlie, Marie-Sophie Chambon from the 100k D'étoiles or Jason Raftopoulos from the West of Sunshine.

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