Mipcom 2019 - Interview with Can Yaman of Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş [VIDEO]

Mipcom 2019 - Interview with Can Yaman of Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş [VIDEO]

Turkish actor Can Yaman interviewed by Tvserial.it on the occasion of MipCom 2019 in Cannes. The protagonist of Dolunay and Erkenci Kuş tells his story.

Guest at Mipcom 2019 in Cannes where he presented Daydreamer (international title chosen for the soap & nbsp; Erkenci Kuş), the Turkish actor Can Yaman told how his life changed after the international success of Dolunay.

"When we started shooting this soap, we never thought it would be so successful in Italy or anywhere in the world: this was not something we expected." He thus commented on the enthusiasm of the Italian public, which last summer followed the events of his character Ferit with passion in the soap opera Bitter Sweet - Ingredients of love. "It's a crazy thing."

The relationship of the Turkish actor, who turns thirty on 8 November, with Italy was born on school desks. Can Yaman attended the Italian High School in Istanbul and therefore speaks our language perfectly. "I love Italy because it's all my [adolescence]. You know when I was a boy it was all in Italian for me. I had Italian friends, Italian teachers, during the day I always spoke in Italian ".

Given his dexterity with the Italian, it would not be unthinkable to see Can Yaman in a fiction or a television series shot in our country. To our question, the actor replied "Hopefully, why not! There must be an offer, at the moment I have not received an offer but let's see. "

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