MIPIM fair started in Cannes

MIPIM fair started in Cannes

Istanbul and Turkey's real estate projects, the popular French Riviera city of Cannes, MIPIM Fair opens its doors today at 26 thousand real estate professionals from 100 countries came to being introduced.

The Istanbul Tent, built by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) on the most popular coastline of Cannes, is among the tents of London and Paris for the fifth time this year. ITO introduces Istanbul's projects and vision at MIPIM, which started this year with the theme of ‘Engaging the Future’.

In Istanbul Tent, all segments of real estate such as office, residential, hotel, industrial and logistics investments are introduced. Under the leadership of ITO, 21 companies and organizations taking part in the fair are conducting B2B meetings.

MIPIM is discussing the next 30 years of the real estate industry, as this is the 30th year of the fair. More than 26,000 visitors are expected to MIPIM 2019, where the entrance ticket costs 2,050 euros this year, excluding taxes. In addition, more than 5 thousand 400 investors came to the fair.

ITO President Shekib Avdagiç, Paris and London tents between the Istanbul Tent is the meeting point of the world real estate sector, he said. Avdagiç, “Istanbul’ passed from IP MIPIM… ırı Istanbul Tent MIPIM also this year between London and Paris tents. London and Paris are in the middle of Istanbul, ”he said.

Dag The theme of MIPIM 2019 also shows that in the digital age, the real estate industry's revenue stream is transforming very quickly. Companies and investors approach the property as an investment and service value. ”

Reminding that they will set up Istanbul Tent for the fifth time as one of the four magnificent tents on the coast, Avdagiç said, “We see clearly that the housing sales sector to foreigners will be active in 2019. For this purpose, we aim to enable the Turkish real estate sector to establish an effective network with international investors in the shadow of the Istanbul tent. Thus, we mediate the recognition of the unique opportunities offered by the 8,500-year-old Istanbul brand. ”

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Shekib Avdagic said, “Istanbul is proud to be one of the most attractive cities in the world by being among the tents of London and Paris. Turkey and Istanbul with MIPIM construction and real estate projects around the world, we 2019'd "he said.

Referring to the speech made by Nuri Bilge Ceylan when he received the Best Director Award in 2008 at the Cannes Film Festival, which was also organized by MIPIM, Avdagiç said: Turkish directors also received awards. One of them is Nuri Bilge Ceylan. After receiving the Best Director Award in 2008, Ceylan called out in the hall of the Festival Palace: 'I want to dedicate this award to someone: My passion, my lonely and beautiful country.' we are devoting our beautiful city and our real estate sector. So that he won't be alone and his beauties will be shared with the whole world… ”

Avdagiç stated that there is a symbolic side of the Istanbul Tent which they opened for five years in a row at MIPIM. The last point is the magnificent real estate projects exhibited in the tent. These are the structures where concrete and steel are transformed into art with superior architectural experience and technology. I would like to give the good news to all investors that Turks have succeeded in bringing technology, comfort, aesthetics, nature, history and prosperity into real estate. ”

Avdagiç said that people not only invest in real estate, but also invested in brand, image, perception and perception that gave life to that structure and gave meaning to concrete. Avdagiç said: “MIPIM is not only a real estate fair sek Considering the sub-branches of the real estate sector, this fair is also an industrial fair; it is also a trade fair, a technology fair, a tourism fair. For all these reasons, the cities that come to the fore in this fair held in March of each year come to life in the remaining three quarters of the year. Because this fair has a great value in the eyes of the decision-making actors of the global economy. ”

Istanbul, the number of houses sold to foreigners approaching 15 thousand, referring to ITO President Avdagic, this record last year, the conditions of the investor citizenship program strengthened said that the impact of significant. Avdagic continued:

“As ITO, we have put our hands on this subject. Foreign Investors Citizenship Application Special Partner Office, which was established by the Ministry of Interior in order to accelerate the transactions of foreign investors, was opened in Istanbul's Eminönü Headquarters Building. In this way, we have ensured that the applications of the foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens through the investment and the investors who wish to obtain a long-term residence permit are monitored and accelerated from a single point. I believe that by facilitating other measures taken by our Government, Turkey will further improve the quality of being efficient and profitable country for those who want to invest in the real estate sector. Again, I believe that such advantages, to zoom to our foreign friends will make them Istanbul and Turkey and Istanbul. Investing in real estate in Istanbul has a much greater meaning than buying real estate. ”

In the dynamic atmosphere of Istanbul Tent, 10 companies and institutions take part on a stand basis and share their projects with the world. These institutions and companies are as follows: “Emlak Konut G.Y.O. A.Ş., Gülan Automotive Industry and Trade Inc., I CAN BUY International Real Estate Investment Inc., IGA - Istanbul Airport, Istanbul İmar Construction Inc., Istanbul Mining Exporters' Association, Kalyon İnşaat ve San. Tic. A.Ş., Oral Mimarlık Gayrimenkul Paz. Const. Taah. Proj. Dek. A.Ş., Rem Architecture Dek. Rest. Project and Commitment. Services Ltd. Sti., Turkey The Turkish Tourism Investors Association. In addition, 11 companies are on the bilateral meeting platform.

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