Movie that makes fun of the audience in Cannes!

Movie that makes fun of the audience in Cannes!

WALL - The Cannes Film Festival opened this year with Jim Jarmusch's Dead The Dead Don’t Die Öl. Jarmusch is an award-winning director who has been a guest on Cannes many times before. It was no surprise that the film was selected as the opening film, with a strong team of actors such as Bill Murray, Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton.

Dear The Dear Don’t Die ’is actually a song title and this song is featured many times in the film. The film takes place in Centerville, a small, charming town with 738 inhabitants. It is certain that this town represents the countryside of the United States, which we can call ‘Deep America.. We are aware that we have come to watch a zombie movie, but in the first minutes of the film we see nice people having nice conversations. For example, a man who doesn't like the coffee he drinks, says to his African American friend who is sitting in front of him, ‘This is too black for me, sonra and then apologizes. The deviation of the world's axis and the darkening of the air in this quiet town seem to be the biggest problem. Depending on this axis deviation, animals first become strange, cats attack their owners, cows flee into the forest. Something's going to happen. However, someone on TV says ‘everything is going well’. There is also a serious Trump critique here.

First of all, the script of the film should be written very well. If not, ‘The Dead Don’t Die du would not be seen. Twenty-eight minutes as the time passes with pleasant lines, it happens at night, and… the dead come out of their graves.

Jim Jarmusch certainly had a lot of fun and consciously aimed at making fun of the audience. After the first zombie attack, the dialogue between the policemen olabilir Could it be a wild animal? ”,“ Maybe a lot of wild animals ”dialogue is repeated three times and laughter breaks in the hall each time. The script includes references to Hitchcock's Pervert, Star Wars, Gatsby the Great and Moby Dick. Another detail is that Samuel M. Fuller inscribed one of the zombies on the grave. (Additional info: Samuel M. Fuller, (1912 - 1997) American director known for his war and adventure films)

In the meantime, a 1968 Pontiac and three urban youth come to town. People probably think they're looking for trouble. Because the axis of the world has shifted, there is a full moon and the zombies coming out of their graves are wandering the streets of the town.

Tilda Swinton's funeral home operator is interesting enough to be the subject of a film alone with her clothes, hairstyle and sword in her hand. I'm not sure if Jarmusch could have mocked Tarantino a little bit here. We cannot understand why Swinton was rescued by a spaceship (the so-called flying saucer). It is not difficult to guess that other residents of the town are not as lucky as Swinton.

We are now facing the attack of zombies and the townspeople have no chance. "This will not end well," the young policeman keeps saying. Yaşlı Why are you so sure? Da he answered, um I read the whole script. Yaşlı

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