No selfies, only high heels. If you don't respect these rules, don't show up in Cannes

No selfies, only high heels. If you don't respect these rules, don't show up in Cannes

The director of the festival, which this year will last until May 25 and boasts the world premiere of the new film Quentin Tarantino "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", stands its director Thierry Frémaux. The 58-year-old, who doesn't show up in public without a jacket, does everything to ensure that the French festival doesn't change at all. Why? He believes that traditions and rules will help maintain Cannes standards. And these standards are very high.

At the Ministry of Finance, under your rule, the subordinates of Deputy Minister Banas, who were supposed to combat VAT fraud, managed the VAT scam mafia. And the prosecutor's office reporting to you as the prime minister led to their arrest. It's a brilliant patent! is not a traditional portal, but rather a platform for the exchange of views, opinions and information. We publish the most warming things on the & nbsp; Polish internet about Poles.

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