Notes from the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Notes from the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

Once upon a time on a wooded hill called Hollywood, while camels were making bellows and fleas, the naughty boy Tarantino made a film. In this shimmering Mediterranean town, which he constantly visits, he is eagerly expected to tell a crazy tale again. He has created a fairy tale that can sleep his fans unconditionally, showing that his inner energy has been exhausted and his inspiration has come to dryness. The star was extinguished ... Moreover, the name of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, the legendary fairy tale narrators in a short time by scraping the charm of…

Undoubtedly, when the expectation is high, the frustration experienced is equally profound. Tarantino's head in the 1960s Hollywood, which tries to tell the story of two actors, one of whom is a stuntman, shoots ordinary cowboy movies and television series under the aesthetics, colors and light of that period, must be more complicated than ever. he couldn't find a solution to his mess. While trying to explain the crazy atmosphere of the 1960s, a breaking point for Hollywood cinema, he couldn't help but wear his audience by repeating himself. In fact, repetition is the basic element of fairy tales. However, it must be used well in narration. In addition, true tales are more popular as they are listened to from generation to generation; Tarantino's tale is like a one-shot gun that misses the target. In the last part of the film, Tarantino rewrote the murder of Sharon Tate in the hot summer months when mankind set foot on the moon. The leading actors of the inexpensive series acted as if they were acting on the sets of those bad movies, and they made little of their heads smoky killer scum idiots hippies who came along with Sharon Tate to kill themselves ... & nbsp;

The reason Quentin Tarantino pleaded, "Oh, don't tell me the end of the movie," is obvious. A tale that can be heard for once kez Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ” The master of South Korean cinema is Bong Joon Ho. Marco Bellocchio, Arnaud Desplechin and & nbsp; Golden Palm Abdellatif Kechiche var & nbsp;

Cinema is, above all, the art of storytelling; The competing films for the Golden Palm include romantic films that drive the audience to pleasant feelings and excite them without exploiting emotions. French female director Céline Sciamma, with “Portrait de la jeune fille en feu” (Portrait of a Burning Young Woman), 18th. century France, in a beautiful mansion near the seaside flames of love, extremely smooth, transparent on the basis of a mise-en scene. A well-educated young and beautiful wealthy family daughter is affectionately attracted to the young painter woman who has been hosted in the mansion to make her portrait before marrying the groom candidate whom her affluent family has chosen without even informing her. Adele Haenel and Néomie Merlant, who succeeded in making the flame of the relationship born between them, turned into forbidden and impossible love, with the sincere interpretations of the flame that will never stop, will probably be applauded with their directors Céline Sciamma.

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