On women's empowerment and commitment, i.e. Cannes Lions Creative Comms Meeting for the ninth time

On women's empowerment and commitment, i.e. Cannes Lions Creative Comms Meeting for the ninth time

Can advertising campaigns change our thinking about the world and inspire us to act? Can the fight for equal rights for women or sexual minorities also be fought through PR campaigns? Do the green initiatives of large companies really save the planet, or is it just greenwashing? Answers to these questions will be known during the ninth edition of Creative Comms Meeting.

Cannes Lions Creative Comms Meeting is an annual meeting for people associated with broadly understood communication. It gives an opportunity to exchange views between campaign creators, their recipients and media representatives. The ninth edition of the event is entitled "Fempowerment & amp; What".

You will be able to see a selection of sixteen works from the Cannes Lions world competition awards. Meetings under the slogan "Fempowerment & amp; What "will take place:

There will also be Polish accents. The organizers will show two native campaigns awarded at this year's Cannes Film Festival, namely 'Your Last Weekend' and 'The Unbreakable Rainbow'.

The selection of speakers is a noteworthy element of both meetings. First of all, in order to be consistent with the title of the event, only women were invited.

Martyna Kaczmarek, Ben & amp; country business lead will appear in Poznań Jerry’s in Poland. It was thanks to her commitment and consistent strategy of the brand's social mission that a hologram rainbow appeared on Warsaw's Zbawiciela Square. In Warsaw, however, you will be able to listen to Gocha Adamczyk, who created the campaign strategy for the last issue of "Your Weekend".

The organizers of the event are: Q & amp; A Communications agency and SAR Marketing Communication Association - the sole representative of Cannes Lions in Poland.

34% of Burger King customers and 28% of McDonald’s customers are eager to visit other brands in the fast food restaurant (QSR) segment. It is different with the clients of the KFC, Subway and Domino’s brands - Blis analysis shows.

Actress Agnieszka Grochowska became the ambassador of the jewelry brand Dall’Acqua. This is the first such collaboration of a brand inspired by Italian style.

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