One of the most important film events in the world started on May 14 on the Cote d'Azur. This year's Cannes festival began with a picture of Jim Jarmusch entitled "The Dead Don't Die". The Red carpet

One of the most important film events in the world started on May 14 on the Cote d'Azur. This year's Cannes festival began with a picture of Jim Jarmusch entitled The Dead Don't Die. The Red carpet

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One of the most important film events in the world started on May 14 on the Cote d'Azur. This year's Cannes festival began with a picture of Jim Jarmusch entitled "The Dead Don't Die". The red carpet was enchanted by its stylizations, among others Elle Fanning and Eva Longoria.

The Seventy-second Cannes International Film Festival began with the world premiere of the picture of veteran director Jim Jarmusch entitled "The Dead Don't Die". A black comedy about a zombie attack on a small American town is not only a tribute to classic horror movies. It is also Jarmusch's return to Cannes, where he won the Golden Palm in 2005 for the film "Broken Flowers".

Also 25 years have passed since the similar success of "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino. The director and this year will fight for the Golden Palm, because he managed to assemble his latest picture - "Once upon a time in Hollywood" in time. Festival participants will also see new films of other Golden Palm winners - Pedro Almodóvar ("Pain And Glory") and Terrence Malick ("A Hidden Life").

However, in addition to paying homage to the classics, the Cannes festival will also show us a new face. It is because of the growing role of women in the world of film. This trend is already shown by the poster of this year's edition, on which Agnès Varda, a recognized French director, is present. However, this is not all - in 2019, for the first time in the history of the festival jury consists of not seven, but eight people - four men (including our compatriot, Paweł Pawlikowski) and four women.

In addition to cinema and film fans, fashion fans are eagerly awaiting the Cannes festival every year. The red carpet in front of the Festival Palace is full of stylizations that arouse great emotions and are widely commented on in magazines and industry websites. It is no different in 2019. The first three days of the event have already brought us beautiful creations of four L'Oréal Paris brand ambassadors. Makeup artist Val Garland was responsible for their make up.

On May 14, on the first day of the festival, the French actress, known for the movies "Girl from Monaco" and "Status: Single", put on a black dress with bare shoulders from Valentino.

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The American star of the cult series "Ready for Everything" in her stylization went exactly the opposite way than Louise Bourgoin. Instead of modest black, on May 14 she chose a dazzling (though not very comfortable) dress by Alberta Ferretti in pink.

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Recently, viewers have fallen in love with her for the role of red-haired Mera in the movie "Aquaman". On May 15, during the premiere of the French film "Les Miserables", the actress presented herself on the Canna red carpet as a natural blonde. That is why Claes Iversen's bright, sequin dress decorated with sequins fits her perfectly.

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"Super 8", "My Star", "Neon Demon" - despite her young age, the actress has performed roles in over 50 films and series. Elle Fanning, however, does not come to Cannes this year as an award candidate, but a member of the festival jury. It is hardly surprising then that on May 15, at the premiere of "Les Miserables", she presented herself in a way that did not leave anyone indifferent. Valentino floral dress with a deep neckline at the front and on the back is literally breathtaking.

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Until May 25, the last day of this year's festival, we still have some time left. Certainly, the stylizations of stars on the red carpet in Cannes will often surprise us and delight us. It remains for us to look forward to it, just as we expect the premiere of cinema films that the participants of the event saw.

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