Our relationship with Cannes: Grażyna Torbicka

Our relationship with Cannes: Grażyna Torbicka

An outstanding journalist, style icon and ambassador L’Oréal Paris interviews the brightest Hollywood stars every year in Cannes. In the era of the ongoing struggle for equality, Grażyna Torbicka talks with Eva Longoria, Amber Heard and Helen Mirren about what it means to be a woman today. & Nbsp;

Evo, I am glad that you have the honorable role of Ambassador L’Oréal Paris. At the beginning I wanted to ask you, did you ever make your beauty an obstacle for you, and not an asset? & Nbsp;

Yes, especially when I was involved in directing and producing. I have heard many times that I am certainly not competent. Because a pretty woman must be stupid.

Yes, this stereotype, unfortunately, still lingers ... And how do you reconcile different roles - mother, daughter, wife, professionally independent woman, activist?

At different times in my life I have different priorities. Now my 10-month-old son Santiago, with whom I came to Cannes, comes first. I also have a wonderful supportive family and husband who understands that I want to meet professionally. Not only I have to deal with multitasking. Women play many roles around the world. & Nbsp;

The password is now more powerful than ever before. L’Oréal Paris was ahead of the 70s. Finding confidence is extremely important for a woman. What you have to offer to the world is your strength. This topic is topical, especially because we have a huge impact on each other. Although I live in the States and you in Poland, we can communicate. We speak the same language.

Yes, because female support is crucial. Often the biggest obstacle that gets in the way of a woman is another woman. And we have to help each other, we have this power. However, women are often taught that there is only one place for them at the top, hence fierce competition is born. And that's not true. We can all achieve our goals. & Nbsp;

My son just woke up, I'm glad to see him soon. It's the love of my life! The brightest light. This responsibility to a small person is something extraordinary. It is my duty to tell him how the world is constructed. & Nbsp;

Fasten your seatbelts because the road will be rough. I like younger myself. I made mistakes but I learned from them. Everything I experienced made sense.

I wish women all over the world found self-esteem. Understanding that our potential is greater than we think. And find your circle of women who will support us. & Nbsp;

Although we make decisions, govern and make careers, we still need to prove our value. Not to mention the fact that we earn 60 percent. what men do. Inequalities relate to pay, security and job opportunities. But we're incredibly strong despite this. & Nbsp;

Life has given me a lesson, allowing me to become a strong woman. I learned to fight for myself. Many times I had to face my life. I think I was lucky. Now is the best time to support other women in solidarity. Our voice is heard. It can't be silenced anymore. We're creating a real women's army that can't be ignored.

Sometimes people don't understand how I reconcile femininity and strength. I tell them then that feminism and lipstick go hand in hand. My lipstick is part of my femininity. And gives me strength.

The role of the sister, literally, but also as part of a worldwide sisterhood. When we work together, we can achieve a lot. See how much we have achieved in the last few years. When we started saying "#MeToo", all together, we became invincible. & Nbsp;

I would like to experience a changing world. As a person who can influence his fate, I do not intend to waste time on worthless conversations. It is my responsibility to support change. & Nbsp;

If I were to support my Polish sisters, I would like to invite them to our global group of women. Let us change the world together. For our sisters and daughters.

Before I joined this extraordinary family, I didn't know how I would feel as a member. In recent years, the brand has opened up even more to people of different ages, with different types of beauty, different skin color. I'm glad to be one of them. This is very important, because earlier I was more and more irritated by the images of fifteen-year-old models advertising cosmetics for mature women. I know I won't look like a teenager when I use the cream! Which doesn't change the fact that I want to look my best for my age.

They are connected with each other. But in the movies I play different characters that do not have to be "beautiful". Actually, I can't stand the word 'beauty' because it's not inclusive. It is based on canons, and thus stereotypes.

I would like to say something banal in style: beauty means a beautiful interior. But we all know that there are people with exceptional beauty. It cannot be denied. But not only incredibly beautiful people want to feel good in their body, play with makeup, discover themselves. & Nbsp;

This is a great password! Its meaning has changed slightly over the years. But it's all the better because the password managed to include new meanings. At the beginning it was about women's financial independence. Yes, I can buy it for this mascara. Now it has gained a deeper meaning. It's about self-realization. I would understand this slogan as an invitation, an urge that everyone, not just the stars from the red carpet, could belong to the world of beauty. & Nbsp;

I am not so optimistic! I'm still undermining myself. It took me a lot of time to discover confidence. Getting rid of egotism is an important lesson. As long as you think you are the navel of the world, you will not be happy. Because the most arrogant people are really insecure, just trying to hide it. Let's be more human, that's my advice.

Be feminists, which doesn't mean you can't become wives and mothers. Be tolerant, respect others because of your sexual identity, gender, religion and origin. And ask questions, be open to people.

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