PJ of Nice dismantles poker gambling den in Cannes

PJ of Nice dismantles poker gambling den in Cannes

The underground game room, where official bridge play was played, brewed huge sums of money every night. Seven or eight croupiers, salaried for some in a casino of the region, held the tables.

This is a real kick in the world of clandestine games on the French Riviera that has just given the antenna of the Nice judicial police. Since the end of June, the police have had "information" about the existence of a "clandestine table" in Cannes. In the process, they had obtained the right to use wiretapping as part of an open procedure for "house keeping of chance in an organized gang". An offense punishable by seven imprisonment.

On July 31 in the evening, in the city of festivals, the plainclothes police made a "descent" in what was officially a bridge club but which actually housed a poker gambling den. "The room was made available by club officials, but nothing says they were aware," said Figaro Fabienne Atzori, prosecutor of the Republic of Grasse.

More than fifty players gathered there and seven croupiers, some of whom were employed in a casino in the region, kept tables there to make ends meet. The stakes, consistent, estimated at around 10,000 euros per night. "There is some evidence to suggest that the parts were highly profitable," confirms Fabienne Atzori. During the searches, the investigators of the PJ thus seized 36,000 euros in cash. Three 50-year-olds, known to some of the police, were arrested and placed in police custody.

Following an immediate appearance on August 2, one of the defendants was placed in pre-trial detention and his two alleged accomplices, placed under judicial supervision with "the obligation to point, the prohibition to go to Cannes, and the ban on any activity related to games of chance ”. They will go to trial next September.

The world of gambling dens and illegal betting has long been in the sights of the criminal investigation police. Responsible for monitoring circles, 200 French casinos or even horse racing and sports betting since its creation in October 1958, the Central Service of Races and Games (SCCJ) thus conducts 20,000 investigations per year.

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