Quentin Tarantino and Abdellatif Kechiche in Cannes competition

Quentin Tarantino and Abdellatif Kechiche in Cannes competition

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These are breaking news but actually expected: Once Upon a Time & Quinin Tarantino's Hollywood, Mektoub & Abdellatif Kechiche's My Love, Intermezzo will be ready in time for the 72nd competition. Cannes (14-25 May), announced the festival.

Nineteen films had already been released, and it was aired that the list would be completed over the days as the filmmakers invited to join the contest reported on their work. He even speculated intensely about what might yet come and what was left out of it ... and then we ...

Tarantino was the rabbit expected to come out of his hat. The filmmaker has not left the assembly table in four months to finish the film, which “is a love letter to Hollywood from his childhood, to the 1969 rock scene, and an ode to cinema in general,” as the statement said. of the festival, signed by Thierry Frémaux, the artistic director.

Tarantino's return to Cannes as he celebrates his 25th anniversary of the Golden Palm at Pulp Fiction with a fresh look at the summer of 1969, the summer of Charles Manson's crime, is a decisive presence for Cannes programmers. First of all for the exhibition of a heritage: Tarantino is a “boy” of Cannes, because of the Golden Palm but also because of Danny Dogs, whose reels the then unknown Quentin carried under his arm to the out-of-competition section of the festival. It was in 1992.

Secondly because competition with the Venice Film Festival, and with the presence of Americans in the Lido, is being fierce and it was important to fix in Croisette this film and this cast - Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio (play, respectively, a television star and his double) Margot Robbie (as Sharon Tate, one of the victims of Charles Manson in the crimes that closed the door to the 1960s), Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell or Al Pacino.

Already Kechiche, who was making his film when the Ípsilon visited him at his offices in Belleville, Paris, is still in the works but guarantees that Mektoub My Love, Intermezzo will arrive in time for Croisette. It will deepen in it the portrait of the youth of the 1990s, freely inspired by a book by François Bégaudeau, La Blessure, la la vraie, which was started in Mektoub My Love, Canto Uno, ; title that escaped Cannes 2018 and ended up in the Venice competition. & nbsp; Suspected, by the way the shadows began to appear in the solar orgy that was the previous film, which will now have darker shades the adventures of young Amin, a suitor the filmmaker, and his beloved & nbsp; Ophélie ... these are the characters, these are the bodies that return.

With these additions the Cannes 2019 competition, which bets heavily on usual names, now boasts five filmmakers who have previously received the Golden Palm: Tarantino won in 1994 with & nbsp; Pulp Fiction, & & nbsp; Abdellatif Kechiche six years ago with The Life of Adèle; brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, who compete with Le Jeune Ahmed, received the top prize for Rosetta in 1999, one of the festival's boldest palmares, and for The Child in 2005; Terrence & nbsp; Mallick, in competition with A Hidden Life, won in 2011 with The Tree of Life; Ken Loach, this year with Sorry We Missed You, belongs to the limited group of directors who have twice received Palma: in his case, I, Daniel Blake, in 2016, and The Wind that Shakes the Barley in 2006.

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