Russian film about Nornickel volunteers wins Cannes Corporate Media & amp; Tv awards

Russian film about Nornickel volunteers wins Cannes Corporate Media & amp; Tv awards

The documentary film "Indifferent", created by Meshmedia for the company "Norilsk Nickel", became the winner of one of the & nbsp; most prestigious corporate film festivals in the & nbsp; Cannes Corporate Media & amp; world. TV & nbsp; Awards.

The director general of Meshmedia agency Irina Meleshko says: “This is a film about corporate volunteers of Norilsk Nickel, incredibly kind and strong people who, through their actions, make the world a better place. Kindness, sincerity, disinterestedness, I think, talking about these things is extremely important today and always. "

Project Manager of Norilsk Nickel Zanda Buslova noted that the idea to make a film was born completely organically. “We have already had the program of corporate volunteering“ Combine of Goodness ”for 4 years already, and every year an increasing number of employees join their ranks, and the projects that they implement are becoming larger. It is inspiring to talk about it, write articles and make films. ”

Since 2010, the Cannes Film Festival has been setting global trends for corporate films, and the level of the event is constantly growing. The number of prestigious participants, quality work and honorary members of the jury is increasing (some of them are Oscar and Emmy winners). In addition, among the contestants annually there are representatives of countries from all five continents.

In total, about 1000 films from 51 countries claimed the prize this year. The authors of 149 best works were invited to the award ceremony in Cannes. The film "Indifferent" won the award in the nomination "Fundraising, Non-profit, CSR" ("Charity, Non-Profit Cinema and Social Responsibility").

The head of the corporate volunteering program Elena Kryuchkova emphasized: “Norilsk Nickel's voluntary initiatives are not a desire to conform to fashion trends, but a logical continuation of building trusting relationships with employees, partners, and the local community in the cities where the company operates. The project "Indifferent" is the result of the collaboration of a large team of communication and social policy divisions. Through the volunteer stories of the film, we wanted to tell and show that caring professionals with passionate hearts live and work behind the Arctic Circle. There are only 10 heroes in the film, but in reality there are thousands of them, and each one has socially significant and necessary projects of good deeds. ”

The general producer of the film Alexey Nikishkin admitted: “The documentary“ Indifferent ”is the result of the great work of our team. Several months of filming in Moscow, Norilsk and Monchegorsk, many hours of footage. We are grateful to Norilsk Nickel for the trust and acquaintance with wonderful people - company volunteers. ”

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