Scandal over Alain Delon's Cannes Life Awards & nbsp; |

Scandal over Alain Delon's Cannes Life Awards & nbsp; |

Defense director of & nbsp; Cannes festival defended after signers of a petition on the internet asked not to honor "racist, homophobic, and hating" Alain Delont with Honorary Golden Palm. & Nbsp; as many as 16,000 were signed.

We are not honoring Delon with the Nobel Prize, but with Honorary Golden Palm for his oeuvre. The festival condemns certain speeches, but not freedom of expression.

The director condemned the political police one day before the ceremonial opening of Festival 72. She thought & nbsp; Delon was free to express her opinion, even if she didn't share it

The 83-year-old French filmmaker, who previously admitted to striking women and denouncing homosexuality as unnatural, is scheduled to be announced Sunday.

The official poster for the 72nd Army would have originally featured the young Alain Delon, but after Agnes Varda's death in March, she was eventually cast.

The art director also had to explain because only four of the 21 films in the official competition program were directed by women, even though after the sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood, the Cannes Festival Charter committed itself to equal opportunities.

The commitment to equality must not be confused with the question of selection. It would be inappropriate for a festival to choose a movie just because it was directed by a woman.

According to the festival's announcement, 26 percent of the 1,845 entries from 39 countries were directed by women, while 44 percent of the entries for the thesis competition were women, indicating that they could play an increasingly important role in the future.

The selected Hungarian exam film is also directed by Katalin Moldovai, a woman. "As So Far," the diploma film is part of the Cinéfondation, a university-level show. , that is, 48 ​​percent of the employees are women. The selection committee is composed of half-men and women, and the jury members of each of the festival's selection teams are nominated equally.

The 72nd & nbsp; Cannes Film Festival will feature a premiere of Jim Jarmusch's zombie film The Dead Don't Die, starting Tuesday night and ending May 25th. The & nbsp; Alejandro González Inárritu is a five-time Mexican film director. (Al)

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