Selena Gomez: "We're getting married!" The well-known actor "liked" the joke. Viral photos from Cannes

Selena Gomez: We're getting married! The well-known actor liked the joke. Viral photos from Cannes

The actress debuted on the red carpet on Tuesday at the premiere of The Dead Don't Die. And it featured some of the most enjoyable moments alongside castmate, actor Bill Murray.

On the red carpet and at the press conference, Murray whispered something to Selena's ear. So much was needed for the photos to go viral. Fans commented on the curious social networks to find out what the actor said.

Amused, Selena joined the game and posted on Instagram a photo from Cannes, with a description at the end of which she jokingly wrote: By the way, Bill Murray and I are getting married :)

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"I can't remember what I said," he laughed. "He is unusually intelligent, brilliant. He is a good person, he is natural. I am always pleased to meet a pop icon that I really like."

Electrifying return of Selena Gomez, with her first live performance, after a break of two years. The artist made a spectacular entrance to the American Music Awards.

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Selena Gomez apologizes for the reaction she had when Bella Hadid deleted a post from her own Instagram account, to which the Texas artist left a comment, writes

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