SP Cinema Show will screen over 300 films from 65 countries

SP Cinema Show will screen over 300 films from 65 countries

The largest and most important film festival in the city of São Paulo and the most celebrated, the São Paulo International Film Festival, reaches its 43rd edition a little leaner and with a more national look. 300 films from 65 countries will be screened in 27 city locations including cinemas, theaters, cultural and educational venues and parks.

The show can be seen from today (17) to October 30 and is sponsored by the Ministry of Citizenship, the government of Sao Paulo and the city of São Paulo, among others.

Highlights of this year's event include the screenings of Synonyms, by Nadav Lapid, Golden Bear-winning film at the Berlin Festival; Parasite by Bong Joon-ho, winner of the Cannes Golden Palm; Honeyland, by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska, jury award for best documentary at the Sundance Festival; and Pacified, by Paxton Winters, Golden Shell at the San Sebastián Festival.

The opening ceremony of the cinema exhibition was held yesterday (16) at the Ibirapuera Auditorium. The ceremony featured Olivier Assayas' Wasp Network, an adaptation of Fernando Morais's book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War. The director is one of the honorees this year and will win a retrospective with 15 of his films.

“I am very honored. This [the tribute] came to me as a surprise. I really am very excited and very happy, ”said the director, who is in São Paulo to accompany the event.

Another honoree this year is Israeli director Amos Gitai, who celebrates the launching anniversary of two of his feature films: Berlin-Jerusalem, which turns 30; and Kadosh - Holy Ties, which debuted 20 years ago.

“The exhibition is a space where ideas circulate and spread and are freely presented and discussed,” said Renata de Almeida, director of the exhibition, at the opening ceremony.

The film that will close the festival will be Dois Papas, by Fernando Meirelles. “My film is a fiction, the story of a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. It starts at the 2005 Conclave, when Benedict XVI was elected and goes until 2013, with the election of Francis, ”he said.

“The film is entering some festivals and has won four awards. So I am happy. I learned cinema and, finally, the very crazy, interesting and unpublished things that opened my head were in the show. At that time, I had no DVD. Either you watched the show's movies or you didn't watch it. But when I started to graduate as a film director, every year I waited anxiously because that was where [at the Mostra] I fed. ”

New this year is the screening of films at the Municipal Theater. On the 18th, 19th and 20th, the space will feature internationally prominent Brazilian titles, such as the award-winning A Vida Invisível, by Brazilian Oscar nominee Karim Aïnouz, and Babenco - Someone Has to Hear the Heart and Say: It stopped by Barbara Paz.

Another novelty is the itinerancy of films through a mobile unit, which will travel through the unified educational centers (CEUs) Aricanduva, Caminho do Mar, Boys, Vila Atlântica, Jaçanã and the Tiradentes City Training Center.

There will also be roaming the show for 12 units of the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc) in the interior of the state, between November 9 and December 8, with the screening of 10 films.

The classical performance outside the Ibirapuera Auditorium will be on November 2nd, with the centennial film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, by Robert Wiene, with musical accompaniment by the Jazz Symphony Orchestra. There will be free exhibitions also in the free space of the Museum of Art of São Paulo (Masp).

The SP Cine Play platform will make available ten free movies to watch through computers or mobile phones. The service is available at http://www.spcineplay.com.br/.

“The film show is such an emblematic and important event that it deserves to happen in its traditional places, but also with the support of the city so that it can happen, for example, in the free space of the Masp, the Municipal Theater, the CEUs and also with the transmission of SP Cine Play, a streaming application of SP Cine, of films that are in the show's catalog, ”said São Paulo Municipal Secretary of Culture, Alê Youssef.