Special Paris

Special Paris

In Cannes, yesterday's event, some even say the event of this edition of the film festival, was the screening of the movie «Once upon a time…. in Hollywood »by Quentin Tarantino. Selected in-extremis in the race for La Palme d'or, this 9th film by the American director has heavy names on display: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Al Pacino. So it was expected that yesterday evening, the one of the presentation of the film in competition and in the world premiere, preceded by the red carpet climb by the whole team of the film, to electrify the ambiance.

«Once upon a time…. in Hollywood, a title inspired by a film by Sergio Leone, one of Tarantino's "masters", takes place in 1969, in the midst of the hippie, and features two friends, a successful actor in television series, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and his best friend, a former stuntman, currently a factotum, has become a good man at all, played by Brad Pitt in a leather shirt and leather shoes that has been practically turned throughout the film. The two navigate between castings, more or less successful, outings in the city and drunken drinkers - DiCaprio empties bottles of whiskey as others drink tap water. The Hollywood actor's house is close to that of Roman Polanski and his wife, Sharon Tate, played by sublime Australian actress Margot Robbie. The two friends will thus have the opportunity throughout the film to attend, by chance and without knowing who they really are, the members of the Satanist "Manson family" sect, led by Charles Manson, who would have killed Sharon Tate in a cruel manner , pregnant at the time.

The tension increases during the 161 minutes of the movie. A tension interspersed with hazy scenes and references to current affairs, movies, series and music from that golden age of Hollywood. The directing, the sound and the images are extraordinary, the interpretations of the two - DiCaprio and Pitt - excellent and the ending, surprising, completely unexpected. And so slightly disappointing. Many were left with a bitter taste, with the impression that something is not right in the script, with the sensation of a disagreement between Tarantino and the spectators.

Libération has captioned its "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" chronicle to greet the actors' performance and Tarantino's declaration of love for a lost Hollywood that "goes awry in the last quarter of an hour because of a riotous ending." Le Monde also denounces Tarantino's "failures" to rewrite history and the evening newspaper critic admits that he was left with "an unpleasant taste" after the projection ended. Le Figaro, however, estimates that the director "succeeds in returning to the cruise, revisits with great dexterity and irony the American cinema." The newspaper notes the decorations, fashion and music of the film - Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, and so on. "The movie is full of energy, testosterone as a teenager" concludes Le Figaro, regretting that Tarantino promised to make only 10 films, this being the 9th. Finally, Le Parisien is most excited about the movie and greets & nbsp; «An inventive and nervous director, a virtuous reconstruction of the era» and «an end that has shaken and electrified us».

I didn't see a bigger tail at a movie in Cannes. I have never seen the hustle and bustle, the laughter, the jokes, but also the swearing as I saw yesterday during the 45-minute queue. I spent three quarters of an hour in a row to get to stay in the Debussy room - the one reserved for the press, with over a thousand seats - finally. And even though at the last moment a second projection for the press was added last night! In short, journalists were not disappointed by the "ambiance" before the film, they had what was planned. What was not foreseen and surprised us all is that before the debut screening a gentleman came on stage and read us in two languages ​​- English and French - a text, a press release - of the production of the film in which we were all asked not to reveal in the press the surprises and the end that awaits the spectators during the two hours and 41 minutes of the film, in order not to "compromise" its world output in the days and months ahead, in order not to alter the freshness that other viewers should discover it by watching the movie, "the experience that these future spectators would experience", the producers said.

While journalists were relieved - or not - relieved that they succeeded - or failed - to enter the room while many other confreres waited for the second screening or did not see the film at all, having today a third and final chance at noon. by chance, the film's team made a triumphal climb of the red carpet from the steps of the festival palace under the light of the spotlights and the dozens of photographers present. Quentin Tarantino, wearing his sunglasses on his nose, Palme d'or at Cannes a quarter-century ago for "Pulp Fiction," even sketched a few dance steps on the carpet with actress Margot Robbie while Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio played walked side by side with huge smiles to the delight of fans and photographers. They even stopped countless times to make short statements, sign autographs and lend themselves to the game of selfie with fans in delirium.

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