Standing at a ball around a cannes bronze

Standing at a ball around a cannes bronze

It's hard to imagine Cannes Lions today without at least one prize winner showing that something isn't round. Rik Oostenbroek, a freelance illustrator in the Netherlands, claims that the MullenLowe SSP3 in Colombia obtained his bronze in print in the print category by using his custom-designed graphics for stock illustration (with minimal changes such as simple mirroring or rotation) biggest advertising competition - writes Adweek. The same work was rewarded with a wooden pencil at D&A.

One of the jury members in the category spoke anonymously, saying that stock photography is a very lazy thing to do. "If we had known this, our rating would have changed. It is very worrying that the real creator hasn't even been named for such an entry ". & nbsp;

Oostenbroek said he first met the agency's work on a platform created for Behance creatives, and had already indicated that he was very similar to the style he said he was known for, and that's why he was looking for it.

MullenLowe SSP3 creative director Carlos Andrés Rodríguez called the graphic artist hours after the comment and apologized, noting that he had no intention of stealing his work, and even had a legal purchase of a stock photo called Shutterstock.

Oostenbroek told the Adweeks he would have been prepared to veil the whole thing if he did not see the campaign in question among the Cannes prize winners. “For a man like me, winning a Cannes lion is just a dream. So I was completely shocked and my brain crashed when I saw they had won. The agency is apparently still very proud of a campaign they just put in a series of texts. And the jury didn't do any research on its originality, "said the graphic artist, who also asked the poetic question of where the bottom of the line was at a festival that should reward originality.

In a statement to the Adweeks, the accused agency explained that they always recognize their rights as creators, following a strict protocol in which external auditors ensure that they do not run a campaign to which they do not have full rights. & Nbsp;

"For the campaign in question, we thought the images best illustrated our 'no sms-drive-a-drive' message for our client. We purchased the rights to the four images through the appropriate channels and used them subject to the terms of use. and we explained the creative process and the legal background, "he says in the release.

Although stock illustrations are regularly used in the advertising industry, the boundary between using something as a raw material and naming the stock itself is not very thin. The latter does not require any effort on the part of the Agency.

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