Terrible! Alain Delon no longer "speaks" since his stroke ...

Terrible! Alain Delon no longer speaks since his stroke ...

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In early September, his youngest son, Alain-Fabien, revealed on his Instagram account, a photo of him posing with a smile alongside his next generation. & Nbsp;

"Progress every day. We could not have dreamed of such a recovery. He thank you all tenderly for the support that you give him", wrote the darling of Capucine Anav in legend of his post which did good and reassure fans of the actor. & nbsp;

Although he has since received lots of messages of support, Alain Delon, 83, seems however to have returned home with enormous consequences, following his stroke. It is the magazine Ici Paris which affirms in its number available in kiosks today, that the movie star has not been the same since this accident.

In late September, Anouchka Delon, whom her father chose to designate as her executor, announced her first pregnancy on Instagram. The family will therefore grow and the beautiful, crazy lover of Julien Dereims, hopes that this unborn baby will help the first man of his life to regain some strength. So happy to be pregnant, the main interested party keeps talking about it on her networks and reveals many photos of her and her little can.

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