The best films awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes

The best films awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes

During the Korean War, two new surgeons were brought to one of the field hospitals - Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce (Donald Sutherland) and Captain Augustus Bedford Forrest (Tom Skerritt). The role of the surgeon is very demanding, but the heroes at all free time relax so much that they forget about their duties. Hospital staff decide to do something about it. However, they do not realize that it will be so hard.

Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is a wiretapping specialist who is a fairly rare guy. He, however, achieved mastery in this. It is able to eavesdrop on any conversation, regardless of where it takes place. During his work, Caul is guided by one important principle - non-commitment. Until one day, this rule was unbreakable, but a certain conversation forced Harry to act.

The autobiographical novel of Gavino Ledd, who conveys shocking memories of his childhood and youth spent in Italian Sardinia. The film assumes an almost documentary character in the manner of reporting events. The story begins at an early age - 6-year-old Gavino is taken from school to graze a flock of sheep belonging to his father. The boy tries to rebel every time, hoping that his father will give in, but he always stays with his severity. The film gradually shows the further stages of Ledd's life.

The action takes place in 1980, in Gdansk. There is a strike in the shipyard. Radio journalist Winkel (Marian Opania) is instructed to conduct a compromising report by Maciej Tomczyk (Jerzy Radziwiłowicz), an activist of the strike committee. Badecki, a representative of the authorities, makes him aware of how serious this task is. In the crowd in front of the factory gate, Winkel meets a friend, Dzidek (Bogusław Linda), who tells him about Tomczyk. To get a pass to the shipyard, Winkel visits the family of Wiesława Hulewicz.

The title missing is American writer Charles Horman, who disappears without a trace during the coup in Chile in 1973. His wife, Beth, is engaged in the search, and is even able to sacrifice her own life. Ed, the father of Charles, arrives from the United States and helps a woman in her search. Ed is a conservative businessman who deeply believes in the validity of American foreign policy. His views begin to change when he discovers that his country's authorities are doing nothing to help him.

Jesuit father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) undertakes an expedition deep into the South American jungle, where he builds missions for the Guarani Indians. Unexpectedly, he gains an ally in the person of Rodrig Mendoza (Robert De Niro), a converted mercenary. When Spain sells its colony to Portugal, the Jesuits decide to defend the territory over the waterfalls against Portuguese aggression.

The story of two people in love. Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) who has recently been released from prison and his beloved Lula (Laura Dern). Salior decides to leave with his beloved. However, the girl's mother, Marietta (Diane Ladd), does everything to remove him from her daughter. The woman urges her former lover, a private detective, to find Lula. At the same time, the young stop in a small town, where Sailor is offered to participate in the robbery.

The film is set in the mid-nineteenth century. Ada, a young, poor woman with a child, leaves her native Scotland. He sets out with his nine-year-old daughter Flora to a New Zealand bush, carrying the title instrument with him. He expresses his feelings through gestures, glances and music. The piano is a very important instrument for her in her life.

Paid killers, Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent (John Travolta), get an order to recover from the hands of accidental robbers the mysterious suitcase of the Mafia boss. The heroes unexpectedly catch their ears when they accidentally kill a hostage. Trouble boxer (Bruce Willis) also has trouble, who received a large sum for losing his fight. & Nbsp;

Władysław Szpilman (Adrien Brody) is a Jewish pianist who experienced great suffering during World War II. To survive, he sells all his fortune for ridiculous money. He even has to say goodbye to his most precious treasure - the piano. Szpilman earns his living by supporting the whole family by playing in a cafe where ghetto members come to meetings. When the Germans start to deport Jews, Szpilman is helped by a Jewish policeman. The outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising forces him to fight for survival.

It tells the story of François, who is a full-time teacher. Has specific relationships with students. Located in a dangerous district, the school where the man works is an unusual learning center. There is a unique atmosphere here created by a colorful mix of different personalities. François likes and respects his students. However, the man has his own rules, which do not quite suit everyone.

The extraordinary story of Alexandre (Alexandre Tharaud) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva). This is a marriage with decades of experience. They have artistic souls, are very harmonious and enjoy every second of their lives. One day they will turn their lives upside down. Anne gets a stroke. Alexandre rejects family help. I also don't want to send my wife to a retirement home. It will be a great challenge for both sides. But love will survive everything.

Parents with two adult children live in poverty, everyone is unemployed, and the future is drawn only in gray colors. However, despite their misery, they can be close to each other, make love and stay in tune. One day, the son of Ki-woo (Woo-sik Choi) is recommended by a friend, a student of a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutor job. will this change their lives?

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