The film "Sunrise", shot in Székesfehérvár, won a prize in Cannes

The film Sunrise, shot in Székesfehérvár, won a prize in Cannes

In recent years, Székesfehérvár locations have been appearing in Hollywood super-productions several times, as 10 + 1's have not been collected until recently. In addition, several scenes of Oscar-winner Nemes Jeles László's Sunset (Sunset) were filmed in Székesfehérvár and Iszkaszentgyörgy in the summer of 2017. & nbsp;

The work was awarded Sunday at the 72nd Cannes Festival on Sunday by the Student Culture Jury of the French Cultural Broadcasting France, MTI reported. Established in 2015, the awards were awarded to six hundred French students for the best of five works selected by a jury selected by the channel and presented in France.

Student representatives at the award ceremony said that the artistic qualities, illumination, selection and focus of fragile character on what is now a rarefied 35-millimeter film have convinced jury members after the protagonist's irrationality and mystery over personal which also speak to the present day.

Nemes Jeles thanked the award in a voice message. He said he was particularly pleased with the recognition of the young generation, because the Sunshine expects the viewer to look a little different from what they usually do in movies, and accepts that following Iris, they will enter a "personal maze." He added that he thought it was important for a film not only to create waves, but to remain in the viewer's mind for a long time.

The Sunrise World Premiere was part of the competition program at the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Best Film Award from the FIPRESCI International Film Critics Association. Already before the world premiere, László Nemes Jeles's film was bought by distributors in almost 70 countries and has been screened in cinemas in France since March.

The film takes place in the summer of 1913, the last days of the happy days of peace before World War I. Raised in orphanage since childhood, Leiter Iris returns to Budapest, the colorful and bustling city of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The girl's late parents want to get a job in a notorious hat salon, but the new owner, Oskar Brill, is stubbornly refusing to make the move and trying to get the young woman out of town.

At night, however, he is visited by a mysterious man who inquires about his brother, "Kálmán Leiter". At this point, Iris finds out that there is a brother somewhere under that name that he has never known. He begins an investigation, but the town's labyrinth is dragged deeper and deeper. The only sure point for him would be the bright, glittering hat, but it turns out the glow is actually a dark secret. Iris is gradually discovering his lost past. (source: Wikipedia)