The Hungarian short film shot with an iPhone was awarded at Cannes

The Hungarian short film shot with an iPhone was awarded at Cannes

Cannes awards short films by actor, singer and filmmaker Floros Zoi shot with iPhone 6. One of the films shows the Szekszárd Family-Friendly Restaurant, where only the physically or mentally handicapped work except for the directors. The mountain branch of the restaurant opens just today.

The blue bird of hope. This is the title of a six-minute short film filmed on a mobile phone that illustrates the daily operation, philosophy and mission of a successful Szekszárd-based restaurant, which deals with the physically and mentally handicapped Familiar Restaurant. The film's creator, Floros Zoi, is an artist living mostly in Hungary but partly in the United States, whose work will be hosted by the World Peace & amp; The Tolerance Initiative was awarded at the Karl Bardosh Humanitarian Cellphone Cinema Awards. The Blue Bird of Hope shared an Indian film for the Best Mobile Documentary Award in the field of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. For the first time this year, the humanitarian-themed festival featured a cell phone section in Cannes. With the award-winning film, Floros Zoin has serious plans to develop into a full-length documentary in the future, as the restaurant and its staff have plenty to offer, and the restaurant will open a new store in mid-June in Budapest called the Highlander Taste.

Floros Zoin, also a member of the Off Stage Hungarian New Wave Film Community, was not the only award-winning work in Cannes. Syrinx's motion picture poem brought home the Best Music Award from the Mobile Short Film Section of the Global Short Film Awards. Zoi worked on Debussy: Syrinx & nbsp; in the short film and recorded the music for the flute himself. His work on the unity of man and nature received recognition on May 25 at the Intercontinental Carlton Ballroom. The competition attracted many entries from around the world, and Hungary was represented by ten short films - the best of the domestic semi-finals.

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