'The Invisible Life' campaign for the much-desired Oscar for Brazil

'The Invisible Life' campaign for the much-desired Oscar for Brazil

Since 1998, the last time Brazil had a representative on the final list of competitors for the Best Foreign Film Oscar (today International Film), the country has not had as many chances to resume this vacancy as in the 2020 edition of the award.

The ball of the moment is A Invisible Life, by Ceará director Karim Aïnouz, winner of the show A Certain Look, the second most important in Cannes - & nbsp; considered by many to be “the” biggest film festival in the world.

In addition, the film was announced on Thursday (22) as one of the finalists for the Independent Spirit Awards Best International Film Award, which over the years has become one of the most trusted prizes for many Oscar categories.

However, as good as a movie is and it has big awards on its résumé, this Oscar spot just comes with a good campaign strategy. And Invisible Life is doing homework right.

“We have a good chance, whether or not you have a job to do. At first we are in a good position. Amazon's support is being critical and the fact that RT [Features, Producer] works very well in the US market and getting to know the process a little helps us get Karim and the movie to the right places, ”said the producer Rodrigo Teixeira on the Cinema na Varanda podcast. & nbsp;

The most basic of these is that the film needs to be screened for seven days, with at least three daily sessions in Los Angeles. And The Invisible Life has already been confirmed in theaters in the United States for December 20th.

In that regard, by the way, Aïnouz's film has an asset. Invisible Life was the first Latin American movie bought by the giant Amazon, company that will distribute it in the American market.

And the Amazon weight is even higher. That's because she also owns the rights of Ladj Ly's French Les Miserables, who shared the Juri Prize from the main Cannes show with another Brazilian film, Bacurau. That is, The Invisible Life gains much more support from the American giant, as she is interested in placing most of the films she represents on the final list.

“My agent is the agent of Ladj Ly and Karim. So it's all in the family. And the chance for Les Miserables to be on the list is very high. He even has a chance to be the Oscar winner. I don't think he is a right choice as Parasita (Cannes Grand Prix winner) and Dor e Gloria (by prestigious Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar), but I think he and Karim's film are strong, ”Teixeira explained in the same interview. And he knows what he's talking about, because he's also a voting member of the Academy.

By the way, this insight into how voting works is vital. Aïnouz and Teixeira will be holding opinion-makers sessions in the second half of November in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London, where the main voters of the International Film category are.

The film joined the festivals that make up the Oscar voting circuit. There are ten main festivals that make up this circuit. The Invisible Life has entered five of these (Toronto, Mill Valley, Hamptons, Middleburg Film Festival, and BFI), two of which will still release their line-up. Not to mention that in one of them, the one in Venice, participation was impossible, since a film that opens in Cannes cannot be selected by the Italian festival. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In addition, Aïnouz's film has been selected by other major American festivals that Oscar voters watch: Chicago Film Festival, Aspen Film Festival, Orcas Island Film Festival and Philadelphia Film Festival.

“The film is having a very high level of acceptance wherever it goes. It is an almost unanimous movie. We did the screening in Toronto and Isabelle Huppert left the screening calling the masterpiece movie and saying she wanted to work with Karim. It was also very well received at a special screening in Paris for academy members. When you have that kind of answer, you start to realize that the movie really has the ability to get there, ”added Teixeira to Cinema on the Balcony.

The positive reception outside Brazil is also very important for the movie to hit the final list. & Nbsp; Some American critics already point to Invisible Life as a favorite for one of the vacancies.

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmão - Brazil's Oscar nominated film - is a lovely and touching melodrama. It reminded me a lot of Desire and Reparation, which, to me, is a great compliment. (I love Desire and Reparation) You have a great chance of being on the Oscars list and maybe even being among the finalists.

Good thing Brazil chose Karim Ainouz's lovely, solar melodrama THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF EURÍDICE GUSMÃO - this year's champion of the Cannes Un Certain Regard show - as his Oscar representative, ahead of the award-winning BACURAU. A smart and deserving choice.

Even though the finish line of this marathon is still far away, The Invisible Life is at the forefront. It may not have the pedigree of "runners" like the Korean Parasita and the Spanish Dor and Gloria, but it shows that you have the breath to fight head to head with the big fish.

“It's not a small thing, but it's just the beginning of a marathon. Representing Brazil at this political moment is very important, especially with this movie. I am very happy for Fernanda [Montenegro]. She deserves a lot and I'm thrilled to share this moment with her. But I can not forget also my two girls, Carol [Duarte] and Julia [Stockler]. I'm very excited, ”Aïnouz told HuffPost.

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