The Korean Film Festival in Paris has surfed the wave

The Korean Film Festival in Paris has surfed the wave

Over 14,000 spectators for its 14th edition. The logic of numbers is relentless. Less than six months after the Palme d'Or won by Parasite in Cannes, Korean cinema has confirmed that it is on the rise in France during the festival dedicated to it in Paris from October 29 to November 5 .

The public went in droves to the halls of the Publicis Cinemas, on the Champs-Elysées, to discover new works from the land of the Morning Calm. With a desire, on the part of the organizers, to give a great place to women, with two directors - Kim Bora for the very touching House of Hummingbird and Han Ka-Ram for the superb Our Body - and two actresses - Gong Minjeong and Jang Liwoo for the powerful Move The Grave - come to meet French spectators.

An audience that decided to finally reward The Secret Mission, a work retracing the birth of the first complete dictionary in the Korean language while the country was under Japanese occupation in the 1940s.

Other films would have largely deserved this prize, notably the overwhelming Birthday, which made spectators shed a lot of tears during its two broadcasts by evoking the difficulty for a family to mourn after the loss of a child during the shipwreck Sewol, a drama that continues to strongly permeate Korean society since April 16, 2014. Or Another Child, a drama on adultery both moving and funny directed by actor Kim Yun-Seok, seen in particular in the main role of the film The Chaser. Without forgetting the very successful Second Life.

The events section offered two little gems with the absolutely hilarious police comedy Extreme Job, the second biggest success in the history of Korean cinema with 16 million spectators, and the musical drama Swing Kids. As for the opening films - Exit - and the closing films - The House Of Us -, they perfectly fulfilled their role, launching the festival in a good mood to end it with emotion.

And the special sessions with the actor from Parasite and Memories of Murder Song Kang-Ho and the director of The Age Of Shadows Kim Jee-Woon were full, each time, the two men willingly playing the game of questions - answers and selfies. Only concern: after such a success, and knowing that the rooms of the Publicis Cinemas are (a priori) not expandable, it is difficult to know how David Tredler, the chief programmer, and his beautiful team of volunteers will be able to do better in a year. Can not wait for next year.

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