The most beautiful dresses to date at the Cannes Film Festival

The most beautiful dresses to date at the Cannes Film Festival

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On the first day, the absolute queen of style was Selena Gomez, who appeared in a snow-white Louis Vuitton set during the premiere of her latest film, Deat Don't Die. The young singer and actress opted for a two-piece dress with a thigh-high skirt that made for a very sexy look - and the red lipstick and kitty eyes only accentuated that.

Eva Longoria also opted for a thigh-high dress, a one-piece silk miracle that was further enhanced by metallic accessories. As the dress clearly attracted attention, it was enough to have a nude lipstick and a gentle hairstyle on her shoulder.

Elle Fanning, who is only 20 years old but has plenty of successful film work behind her, chose the first day of the festival to choose a peach silk dress made by a large, sparkling flower. Literally: Elle looked like a fairy.

Julianne Moore appeared on the red carpet in an eye-catching, shimmering green dress, with matching green earrings and a very minimal amount of jewelry.

Alessandra Ambrosio, model soon to be in her 40s and less active on the catwalk, has now walked through the red carpet like a fashion show. No wonder, because her high-cut, translucent feather-dress and perfect shape only attracted the eye.

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg probably did not accidentally choose a mini-dress, so she could flash her perfect legs, which she only enhanced with black, slim stockings and pointed-toe sandals.

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