The opening ceremony of Les Films de Cannes in Bucharest will take place on Friday: Europa FM

The opening ceremony of Les Films de Cannes in Bucharest will take place on Friday: Europa FM

From Friday, October 18 start & nbsp; local editions of Les Films de Cannes in Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara. In Bucharest, the tenth edition of the festival will take place on Fridays, in all six partner rooms: Cinema PRO, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Cinema Peasant Museum, Instituto Cervantes, National Museum of Art of Romania - Auditorium Hall and Cinemateca Union.

The opening gala of the festival is scheduled on Friday, from 19:00 pm at Cinema PRO, in the presence of the celebration of the edition, Vlad Ivanov and the filmmaker Claude Lelouch, who will introduce his most recent film, Les plus belles años d'un vie. and will participate after a screening in a question and answer session. Also on Friday, Claude Lelouch will introduce at the Elvire Popesco hall at 18:00 and & nbsp; the film that brought him a Palme d 'Or and an Oscar, Un homme et una femme.

& nbsp; Also on Friday, but at Cinema Peasant Museum, director Bálint Kenyeres and actor Vlad Ivanov, will be present for a discussion with the public at the screening of the film Yesterday, from 8:30 pm. Hier is designed within the retrospective that the festival organizes for Vlad Ivanov, on the occasion of his 50th birthday - titled Ivanov 50.

& nbsp; The filmmakers will have the opportunity to participate in a larger conversation with Claude Lelouch, on Saturday, October 19th, at the Elvire Popesco auditorium, at the end of the screening Les plus belles años d'un vie, moderated by the film critic Ionuţ Mareş, dialogue followed by the conference Debate des auteurs, in which the two will join, at 4:45 pm, and director Elia Suleiman for a discussion on the state of the cinema today.

From 18 October, the Les Films de Cannes à Cluj will start (18-20 October). The big prizes at Cannes will be seen at Cinema Victoria, and the opening night will take place in the presence of the actors Daniel Plier and Emil Măndănac, who will talk to the audience after the screening of the film Maria, Queen of Romania.

Les Films de Cannes à Timișoara (October 18-20) starts every Friday at the Aula Magna of the Western University. The filmmakers will be able to watch on the first day the Spanish classic comedy Bienvenido Mister Marshall, the film Dolor y Gloria, by Pedro Almodóvar, but also in Timisoara, December 1989, of the late Ovidiu Bose Păttina.

The filmmakers from Iași are invited, also on Friday, to the opening of the fourth edition of Les Films de Cannes à Iași (October 18-20), which will take place at Cinema Ateneu. The event will begin with the screening of the Cannes documentary film, le festival libre, in the presence of Irina Margareta Nistor. Then the public from Iasi will be able to see the film Dolor y Gloria, by Pedro Almodóvar, winner of the award for male performance.

Among the unmissable projections of this edition are the Cannes films that were not purchased by distributors to be screened in cinemas in Romania. The screenings of Les Films from Cannes to Bucharest are probably the only chance to see them on the big screen.

A Hidden Life, directed by Terence Malick, included in the main competition at Cannes 2019, will be shown on October 20 at Cinema Pro and on October 26 at Cinema Peasant Museum. Inspired by a real fact, the new film by the famous American director tells the story of an unknown hero, one of the many that history has not recorded. Franz Jägerstätter, an Austrian peasant, refuses to fight with the Nazis in World War II, is accused of treason and sentenced to death. "A Hidden Life is a work of genius, finally a justification for Malick's style of the last period", we read on London Evening Standard

The legendary Malick has been to Cannes three times and won a Palme d'Or in 2011 for the Tree of Life and the Best Director award in 1979 for Days of Heaven. "There is no other live director whose work is the subject of such overwhelming and exciting anticipation, fueled by the long wait that devotees have to endure for a new film. This is partly due to the devotion of the filmmaker to the meticulous, artisanal misery, and partly because of the secrecy with which his projects are surrounded: a Malick film is more than an event - it has the features of a religious ceremony, ”we read on the Telegraph

Chambre 212, directed by Christophe Honoré, the winner of the female performance award in the Un Certain Regard, will be seen on the two Sundays of the festival, on October 20, at Cinema Pro, and on October 27, at Cinema Peasant Museum. After 20 years of marriage, Maria decides to leave her conjugal home. One night, she goes to sleep at a nearby hotel, in room 212, from the window from which her apartment, her husband, her former marriage are perfectly visible. "The director extends the limitations of the genre with a fresh perspective that is close to the fantastic," we find on Little White Lies. While Screen International catalogs the film as "theatrical and fanciful, not for all tastes, but it projects a warm glow that could attract incurable romantics, nostalgic moviegoers and Christophe Honoré fans."

Sibyl, directed by Justine Triet, was seen in the main competition in Cannes and in Bucharest will be screened at Cinema Elvire Popesco on October 18 and at Cinema Pro on October 22. Sibyl is a writer converted to psychoanalysis. The desire to write, however, is so strong that it decides to drop most patients. While looking for inspiration for the next book, a young actress begs her to receive it. "Triet handles the material with grace and mastery and guides the actress Virginie Efira towards one of her most impressive and complex interpretations so far."

Hors Normes, directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, has closed this year's edition of the Crochet Festival. In Bucharest he will be seen on October 19 and 24 at Cinema PRO and on October 27 at Cinema Elvire Popesco. For 20 years, Bruno and Malik have lived in a different world, that of children and adolescents with autism. Within the non-profit organizations founded by each, they train young people from difficult environments to be able to take over and manage "hyper-complex" cases, rejected by other institutions. "A rare film that comes both from the heart and from reality: a powerful mix that allows access to a hidden subject and which receives its audience with grace and humor", we read on Screen International

Nina Wu, directed by Midi Z and screened in Un Certain Regard at Cannes, will be seen on October 20, at the Auditorium Hall of the National Museum of Art of Romania and on October 27 at Cinema Elvire Popesco.

Nina left her family and provincial town eight years ago to build an acting career in Taipei. Her agent, Mark, insists on giving evidence for the lead female role in an espionage film whose action takes place in the 1960s. A difficult role, as it involves scenes of explicit sex and nudity. The success is flashy, but her mental state is in freefall. & Nbsp; "Traumatic memory is a powerful thing and the movie's slippery plot digs right to its roots, with the bold and tragic perspective on consent and abuse," read on One Room With The View

Jeanne, directed by Bruno Dumont, the winner of a special mention in Un certain Regard at Cannes 2019, will be seen in Bucharest on October 24 at Cinema Elvire Popesco and on October 25 at Cinema PRO. The year 1429. The war of 100 years ravages. Jeanne, invested with a warrior and spiritual mission, frees the city of Orléans and restores the heir of law to the throne of France. & Nbsp; A lawsuit is opened against her in Rouen, aimed at destroying her credibility.

Bruno Dumont directed his first feature film at the age of 38: La vie de Jésus (1996), cast in Bailleul, his birthplace. The film brought him immediate prestige: he was selected in the Quinzaine des réalisateurs and won a Caméra d'Or for his debut film. Dumont creates frustrating, difficult, singular works. In Cannes, he returns in 1999, in competition, with L'humanité which brings him the Grand Jury Prize and the Double Interpretation Award for the two amateur actors. In 2006, Flandres, a rough film about the devastation of war, again receives the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes.

"Jeanne is the smartest, most ruthless relative of Jeannette. Dumont teaches us how to experience this language film: waiting for the song, the looks, the visual patterns and, above all, the animated body ”, we read on Cinema Scope

The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil, directed by Won-Tae Lee, screened outside the competition, at Cannes 2019, will be shown on October 21 at Cinema PRO and on October 26 at the Auditorium Hall of the National Museum of Art of Romania . After surviving a violent attack on a serial killer, Jang Dong-su, a well-known interloper, is forced to form an unlikely partnership with a local detective. "As fun as it is to see Lee stumble across people and walk around in a glossy striped shirt, it's just as enjoyable to see him plan everything from one end to the other. ”, Chronicles the Variety story

Today is the last day when you can buy tickets worth 15 lei for the screenings from the Cinema Pro, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Cinema Peasant Museum and National Art Museum of Romania - Auditorium Hall. Tomorrow they will be priced at 20 lei. Tickets at the Cinemateca Union cost 10 lei or 8, 5, 3 lei for ticket holders.

We remind that for each projection a number of up to 20 places will be offered for sale exclusively in locations with 15 minutes & nbsp; before the projection begins.

Tickets are purchased from, from the Eventbook headquarters in Strada Actor Ion Brezoianu 21, from the Eventbook network and from the cashiers of the Elvire Popesco cinemas, the Peasant Museum Cinema and the Union Cinematheque.

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