The Portuguese moment of Tarantino and DiCaprio in Cannes

The Portuguese moment of Tarantino and DiCaprio in Cannes

A question from DN caused a furor at the Once Upon a Time press conference ... in Hollywood and stopped the Cannes Film Festival. Leonardo DiCarprio and Quentin Tarantino spoke of the excluded from the industry.

Room teeming with nervous and enthusiastic journalists and the agents of Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in an unprecedented frenzy. Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood, by Quentin Tarantino, had this morning the busiest press conference in the history of the festival and the Daily News got the most enthusiastic question at the Palais LumiƩre in Cannes.

More seriously, and shortly thereafter, the actor who is brilliant in this 1960s Hollywood cabotine role spent the rest of the answer praising his director: "Few people in the world have his knowledge of music, television and film. It looks like a computer database and not for it is a knowledge that is still on the rise once upon a time ... Hollywood is your love letter to the industry and speaks of two industry outcasts outdone in the full sixties. we at this table [Brad Pitt and actress Margot Robbie] already felt excluded by the industry in the beginning ... Really, the movie is also a love letter to those excluded and in that sense we studied stars like Ralph Meeker or Edward Burns, guys who "Quentin loves it. I'd say it's an artistic tribute to this catalog of actors and the achievements they made on television. The movie is, I repeat, a love letter to those excluded from the industry, an industry we're very lucky to belong to." From my point of view, this is your homecoming movie, if I understand ... "

Tarantino smiles and, in his swift stammer, also wants to answer the Portuguese question: "About that, I have to say that I ended up cutting a scene where we had Rick's agent, played by Al Pacino, talking about the possibility of an alternative to Steve McQueen in The Great Evasion And actually John Sturgesche has made a list of possible actors to star in. In fact, this scene has Rick in the Great Evasion and I think you would find him pretty decent in that really, of course, without overstepping Steve McQueen This is so cool ... The scene you won't see was precisely that moment of Steve McQueen that made him star when he confronts the Nazi officer. good, even really scary. So good I took it off, because still someone will remember to do Casablanca with George Clooney. "

At the end of the meeting with the international press there was also an angry response from Tarantino to the question from the New York Times journalist who complained about the few lines of dialogue for Margot Robbie and her Sharon Tate: "I reject that," said the director of Dry form. Still, he hardly said goodbye, a loud clap, a rare thing at a press conference in Cannes.