The producers of "Smesharikov" showed in Cannes "Cameleons"

The producers of Smesharikov showed in Cannes Cameleons

CANNES, FRANCE, October 14, 2019, 11:24 - REGNUM At the MIPJunior media exhibition, held in Cannes on October 12–13, the premiere of the new animated series “The Cameleons” premiered. The project is created by a group of companies "Ricky" (known for "Smeshariki", "Little Boys", "Tim and Tome" and other animated series) together with American manufacturers Tremblay Brothers. The first season (52 episodes of 11 minutes each) is created by a creative team led by the lead screenwriter Nickelodeon and the creator of more than 60 SpongeBob SquarePants, Derek Iversen.

The comedy musical series "Kameleons" tells of the hooligan adventures of the chameleon family: three brothers and a sister. They dream of becoming rock stars and are ready to cope with any trials, because in the streets of a typical suburb they are in trouble every day. The series is aimed at children aged 6 to 11 years, although, according to a REGNUM correspondent, in design and style it looks more like a typical product for kids. The teaser shown in Cannes does not have an expressive musical component and bright, memorable humor, but there are cute and charming characters that may appeal to viewers of different ages.

The Kameleon teaser was shown on October 13 as part of a special presentation of the Russian animation Made in Russia, organized by Expocontent at MIPJunior with the support of the Russian Export Center. As the Director General of Expocontentp Alexandra Modestova said, Russian animation is not the first time in the spotlight at MIPJunior, and the presentation of new projects with the support of RECs has been held for the third year in a row. Buyers closely monitor projects presented under the Made in Russia brand and always find something interesting for their audience.

Projects of the Ricky group of companies will be presented at their own stand, organized in cooperation with Made in Russia with the support of REC. Diana Yurinova, Deputy General Producer for International Development of the Ricky Group of Companies, noted that this year they primarily want to expand the geographic presence of the Malyshariki and Tim and Tom projects that have already been successful in China and Latin America.

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