The results of Cannes Lions: Golden Lions brought back to & nbsp; Russia

The results of Cannes Lions: Golden Lions brought back to & nbsp; Russia

This weekend ended the legendary Cannes Lions, the most prestigious advertising festival in the world. Russian advertisers did not return empty-handed from the Cote d'Azur: our agencies won 10 awards in Cannes (3 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze). Once again, we congratulate the winners of the festival!

Recall that last year turned out to be extremely unsuccessful for Russia & nbsp; - the entire industry discussed the ambiguous behavior of Russian jury members, and our agencies did not win a single gold. This year there were no scandals, and three Golden Lions go to Russia at once.

In addition, the Leningrad group received the Silver Lion for their clip-art “Kolshchik”, and the Nike advertisement “What are our girls made of?”, Which was so heatedly discussed by the advertising market, received the Golden Lion in the Film category.

See also the works of our Ukrainian, Belarusian and Georgian colleagues who received Lviv this year. There are many interesting things: the Holocaust, fireflies and the Prime Minister of Georgia.

In the Design category, TUTKOVBUDKOV won the gold with the incredible clip “Gravity is just a habit” for S7. Last year, Lviv took the same project in the categories Film, Film Craft, and Entertainment Lions for Music. In 2017, the agency again submitted a job (festival rules are not prohibited) in Cannes, but already in the Design category (Video / Moving Images).

I am very pleased with the Russian awards, this year there were many, congratulations to all Russian colleagues! I also congratulate Zhenya Primachenko, gold in the film is an incredible success.

Of the colleagues at the festival, I remember Yoshihiro Yagi (Yoshihiro Yagi) - art director of the Japanese DENTSU, we judged with him. He has 35 lions and an interesting look at everything that happens at the festival. From working with him I learned a lot of useful things for myself. And, of course, I was impressed by Sandra Planeta (Sandra Planeta), president of the jury. Awesome woman, very positive and a great professional.

The Golden Lion in the Media category was also awarded & nbsp; work of the FCB Moscow and Carat agencies for BMW. Creators managed to attract customers from competing automotive brands: drivers began to seal emblems on their cars with the BMW logo.

The third Golden Lion was won by the GOOD Moscow team for a project for Sberbank. Creators received gold in the Creative Data category. This nomination defines the best examples of advertising campaigns where serious work with data was carried out. The work also received a Bronze Lion in the Entertainment nomination.

Since I was not in Cannes, I can say how it was for me here in Moscow. For me, the main difference between the last Cannes was total euphoria from the victories of all Russians. It seems to me that Russian agencies have never received so many different awards. And the joy for my colleagues overwhelmed and really ignited me and my guys all last week!

We won because “Coffee is not a drug” is a strong and unexpected campaign. As far as I remember the comments of the jury that came to us through friends, they were very impressed with the idea of ​​a legal product in the darknet. When I found out about our victory, of course, the first desire was to run and tell everyone-all-all ... but I quickly realized that Cannes is now an achievable result. There was no euphoria, but there is this: now it’s not a shame to teach, not a shame to the students.

Who is remembered from colleagues? I am in love with Andrei Gubaidullin's project Car curling - this is a great case and an absolutely deserved victory.

The main difference of this Cannes festival for me, and indeed for the whole & nbsp; GREAT team, is that this year & nbsp; we were rooting not only for our colleagues and friends, but also took part, hoped and worried. But this is about a separately taken agency and a specific person in it. And if about the festival as a whole, then, in my opinion, no supernatural changes took place this year. And the sociality of the prize places has not gone anywhere, and "Ok & nbsp; Go" is still with gold.

After we did not find ourselves in two shorts, I honestly admit that I stopped hoping. And then the short, which the next day turned into a bronze lion. Probably, there are terribly cold-blooded people with strong-willed chins in the world, but personally, when the bronze went to us, "I fainted, but did not give a look." In general, when you have been “inside” a project for a long time, it is already difficult to objectively evaluate why it is taking or not taking prizes. And why "AuktsYon" took a lion - here, rather, you need to ask the jury. I can only assume that the clarity of the idea and the novelty of its implementation.

Who is remembered from colleagues? Among the colleagues, I remembered our media director, who the next day came with a five-liter bottle of whiskey. In fact, it’s nice that this year many lions, including gold ones, left for us. I am sincerely glad for my colleagues, I hope this is mutual.

Our result, Cannes Lions, is the Bronze Lion for “Auto-Curling” (Smartpolis Insurance Agency) and the short list for “Rain will wash away the lies” (TV channel “Rain”). Impressions of their own results: good, but could be more. One of the Outdoor jury members even included us in his list of “favorite losers”. So the motivation after the festival is at its maximum.

Unlike previous seasons, this year in Cannes it was very difficult to predict the winners. Rather, the main “locomotives” of the festival, which eventually gathered two or more grand prix, were known to everyone in advance, but the distribution of metal-shortlist is very similar to the lottery. Who is lucky, he is with a lion. I still have many questions regarding the new jury system in Promo, Media, Cyber ​​and Direct. There are absolutely no questions about the distribution of winners in Film, Integrated, Titanium.

Speaking of social. This year I limited myself to the role of observer and practically did not attend the events of the official program. Looking at the festival holiday from the outside, it is impossible not to notice a huge contrast between the way the winners, who yesterday gave all their energy and the best ideas to help the destitute and oppressed, are today spending careless amounts on parties. One could say that it is much more efficient to spend these funds on supporting charitable foundations ... & nbsp; But I will not talk about sad things: already in the spring, our heroes will return again to restore justice, save someone’s life and “make the world a better place” with their new case.

"In 2017, the agency again submitted the work (this is not prohibited by the rules of the festival)" - It is forbidden to submit the work published in the previous year. Pure fraud.

And still it’s not clear. Tyutkov is not indicated anywhere in the clip. They say that they generally had this idea for a long time, and then with c7 they were offered a plane and the financing of filming. How the princesses got along is a mystery.

the work for bmw is very good. great messaging and production implemented too. for the Russian Federation - a holiday))) I wonder what was the role of fcb? In general, I have never heard about this agency of positive reviews and positive reputation. true and not heard bad either.

work for the savings bank is also good. but according to my information, all this was invented and made inhouse by the old team of the light of Mironuk. Denzu Smat (and that's for sure) was only a local contractor - to do what they say. regarding certain GUDs and Grisha (about whom everyone wrote so much, they say that Grisha did such a great thing that he always takes gold, etc.) I did not hear about them at all - they did not participate in the project, they did not create anything. mounted roller or what? Well this is not a reason for some praise :(

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