The series "Holivar" Andrei Loshak showed in Cannes

The series Holivar Andrei Loshak showed in Cannes

The author’s project of Andrei Loshak “Holivar. The History of Runet” was shown in Cannes as part of MIPCOM, the international film market for television programs and series. The series was created by the TV channel "Present Time".

Other premieres of MIPCOM include the Plague series of the largest Spanish production company Movistar, the Death Penalty series by the French film company StudioCanal, and the screen adaptation of the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, Kazuo Ishiguro, The Artist of the Shaky World, created by the Japanese television channel NHK.

Holivar talks about how the Internet arose in Russia, nicknamed Runet, and how it changed over time - from complete freedom in the 90s to the introduction of censorship and prohibitive laws in the tenths.

"The Internet is becoming such a battleground between the government and civil society. The authorities will go all out - they are already trying to do this and will continue to try - to take control of the Internet. Based on this logic, I decided that the Runet series would be something- something that will be interesting to everyone. It’s such a journalistic moment: you always go where something hotter and in general has some kind of public interest, public importance, "says the author of the series Andrei Loshak.

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