The Velvet Revolution and women in the spotlight of the Czech and Slovak film festival in Paris

The Velvet Revolution and women in the spotlight of the Czech and Slovak film festival in Paris

From 12 to 16 November, the Christine Cinéma Club will host the 6th edition of the Czech and Slovak cinema festival, Czech In Festival. Born in 2009, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, this event is one of the rare occasions to discover, in France, the cinema of former Czechoslovakia and the two new republics born in 1993. To talk about the programming of this new edition, Radio Prague Int. asked the festival director, Markéta Hodoušková:

& nbsp; «& nbsp; We have chosen a dramaturgy which presents Czechoslovakia in its recent history. We also wanted to show the Parisian public what life was like under Communism before the fall of the Berlin Wall. We are fortunate that the film Milada, directed by David Mrnka, filmed from the authentic story of Czech politician Milada Horáková, will open our festival. We are very happy to welcome to the screening the director and the daughter of Milada Horáková, Jana Kánská, who will be present in Paris. & Nbsp; "

A very strong moment I imagine, and an event in itself. Recall that Milada Horáková was a Democrat MP, the only politician to have been executed during the Stalinist trials in the 1950s. What other films did you choose, which reflect the period before 1989 and that of the Velvet Revolution.

“& Nbsp; Our dramaturgy is chronological. We start at the darkest hours of communism. Another film reflects this period, Zlatý podraz, by Radim Špaček which we have translated as The Crooked-Foot in Gold. We have already shown several films by this director in Paris. This film is about a basketball team that participated in a European championship but also shows a young couple, each of whom lives on one side of the iron curtain. Then, we offer a film shot in 1989 by Irena Pavlásková, Le temps des larbins. This film was screened in 1990 at the Cannes festival, where it received a special mention. & Nbsp; "

& Nbsp; "& nbsp; Exactly. We have the 35mm copy which was in Cannes and which will be screened at the Christine cinema. It’s a little moment of melancholy for us because we can see the young Ivana Chýlková and Karel Roden. This film is a bit of a pivot in the festival. The two other films screened date from the post-revolution period. We are presenting the film Meciar by the talented Slovak director, Tereza Nvotová. As the name suggests, it is a portrait of this Slovak politician (former Slovak Prime Minister, editor's note). We will end with another story of contemporary Czech women, with the film Chvilky (Moments). It will be presented by director Beata Parkanová and lead actress Jenovefa Boková, who won the prize for female interpretation for the Czech Lions for this film in 2019. We are also very happy, through this dramaturgy, to highlight the destiny of women, and not only pay homage to the Velvet Revolution, but also to women who work in culture and cinema and who may have had very harsh stories during the turbulent history of Czechoslovakia. & nbsp; "

"& Nbsp; It is voluntary. The latest editions have highlighted male talents. We welcomed in particular Radim Špaček, Jan Hřebejk, Olmo Omerzu… In this anniversary year, we wanted to be attentive to this, as is the trend in most international festivals. The festival is also created by a team of 100% female volunteers. We therefore wanted women and their role in the culture, cinema and history of a country to be well valued. & Nbsp; "

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