These VA, DC universities are among the best in the world: US news

These VA, DC universities are among the best in the world: US news

US universities dominate US news and amp; The World Report ranks the Top Global Universities Ranking 2020 - a list of 1,500 schools worldwide for academic research and reputation.

Ranked by the top eight universities in the world, ten are in the United States. A total of 249 schools - most in any country - compiled the list, including seven in Virginia and five in DC.

The global rankings are different from those in the top US colleges and top graduate schools. The publication explains that none of these two lists are available when compiling the global university ranking.

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Harvard University ranked first, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley and Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

US news highlights that the newly released rankings focus specifically on academic research and the overall reputation of schools, rather than undergraduate and graduate programs. The Global Leaderboard also evaluates schools in subjects such as business, economics, engineering and computer science. The individual subject rankings are designed to measure the school's global position in the field.

"As the list of top global universities expands to meet the needs of future students in the number of schools and subjects, we are consistent in our mission to rank schools worldwide based on their research," said Robert Morse, US News Data Strategist. "The great emphasis on academic research is what sets this methodology apart from our other university rankings."