To Cannes in pink flip-flops

To Cannes in pink flip-flops

She just debuted in the most popular British series. Soon we will see her in another large production. Caroline Koziol tells how to live in London as a beginner immigrant actress.

We arrange an interview at 19:30, I promise to leave the key under the doormat. "I will come to you from Ealling and do yoga." We met with Karolina a few months ago, worked with my wife on the set of a short production, she needed a free couch for a few nights. A few days later she came to us with a bag of clothes and a box of books. After a week, she said we were her older sisters. In Britain, better known as Caroline Koziol, made her debut on BBC last week as a 14-year-old Polish woman, a victim of human trafficking, in the fifth season of one of the most popular British crime series "Line of Duty". We make tea, we sit at the table. "Will I be able to tell about dreams?" Asks Karolina. I nod and switch on the recorder.

- No, I didn't stress, I don't feel as confident anywhere like in front of the camera. But I played with a very experienced team and I didn't know many things. While rehearsing to a very difficult stage, to which we only had one take, the director told me to stand on the brand. This is a sign for the actor to let him know where he should be at the slate, but I didn't know that. For a moment I wondered which of the boys was Marek. I'm kidding. But there were some situations like this. & Nbsp;

- Definitely very emotional. On the second day of shooting, we shot for a few hours one shot, a long conversation during which I cry. So I cried for a few hours. And finally, after a whole day, the director said: "Caroline, now it is close up to your eyes, so now you cry." & Nbsp;

- I feel very small at all, I am inexperienced, I am still learning. On the first day of cinematography, Vicky and Martin [Vicky McClure and Martin Compston, performers of two main roles in "Line of Duty" - ed. ed.] they came to introduce themselves, gave me a hand, treated me as their good friend. I treat great actors as teachers, I am like a sponge that soaks up knowledge. After talking to Vicky, I took notes because what she said was inspirational to me.

You can't talk seriously with Karolina for long. She likes to joke that she is silly, although a short acquaintance with her shows that it is exactly the opposite. He has the kind of distance that can fool silly people.

This is not your first role as a very young girl, actually a child. You've already played 14-year-old in the off "Audrey" and 12-13-year-old Lolita on the stage of one of London's theaters. & Nbsp;

- I will always have such a curious child in me. I once read a quote from the author of "Stories of Narni" - C.S. Lewis. He said he never killed that inner child. I think this is a good definition of adulthood: that you can take care of your inner child.

- Well, I would, of course. Some strong female figure, a policewoman, a detective who solves a criminal mystery and is fit, because I train a lot. & Nbsp;

Karolina exercises two, sometimes three times a day. Sometimes he gets up halfway through the conversation, puts on his shoes and says, "I have to go jogging, I'll be in 40 minutes." He comes back with a shopping net she made on the way along the market. & Nbsp;

- I like to push myself forward, I leave my comfort zone while traveling, I am alone with myself and I have to fight myself, and this is the most difficult fight. In the Trans-Siberian railroad it was -40 degrees, I did not take a shower for 9 days, but I met wonderful people. & Nbsp;

- Because it was the result of my stupidity. I was young, inexperienced, I wanted to do movie travel reports, but I didn't know how, so I simply wrote down everything that happened to me and it happened that someone wanted to publish it. I went to Brazil to make a film, but I had no idea about the technical aspects of filming, the crew crumbled, so nothing came of it.

"Dreams" is a word that in conversations with Karolina usually falls in the first minute and appears with some regularity. If he talks about it with deep conviction, it is about the fact that there are no obstacles on the road to making dreams come true. & Nbsp;

- We had such a situation that the team crumbled out of us, out of five people only me and my friend remained, because the rest were afraid to go to the favela, so we went alone. At some point, I realized that we were surrounded by a mafia cordon and we were holding a weapon aimed at us. One of them had the words "Don't look down" on his shirt. So I looked down and saw that there were even more weapons on the ground. & Nbsp;

We burst out laughing, but I know Karolina doesn't make it up. I can imagine how a dozen rifles kept at gunpoint with an unpretentious smile turn to members of the Brazilian mafia and say: "Tell me your dreams." And the gangsters are lowering their weapons.

"They brought me cakes and started telling me." It turned out that most of them were boys with rifles, they lost their families in the war with the police, they had no choice. And they mainly dreamed that this war would end and that the inhabitants of the favela would not lose their roof over their heads. I thought then that we in the West are really privileged and dream about material, completely unnecessary things. & Nbsp;

"I didn't die, but Phil, my boyfriend, almost froze and lost his toe." We didn't predict that there would be a snowstorm, our guide who climbed to the top more than 300 times has never seen anything like it. But there was no point in going back, so at midnight we started climbing. We were caught in altitude sickness, we lost sight, Phil couldn't breathe and his feet and hands began to freeze. I once watched the movie "Death on Everest", every time I looked back and saw Phil, who is all red on his face and choking, I was reminded of these scenes. At some point I got diarrhea. I had the choice of getting dirty seven layers of the only clean clothes I was wearing, or taking everything off and going to snow. It was minus a few dozen degrees, at some point my ass was almost freezing to the ground. But we reached the summit around 9am. We didn't stay long because our guide was caught by altitude sickness. We went downstairs. & Nbsp;

- Normally, I fell on a straight road. I remember that right after going down I was glad that I saved money without buying insurance, because nothing happened to me. When I began to bleed from my head, Phil had to call a taxi because in Tanzania the ambulances do not run, and they told him it would be expensive because of the dollar. In the hospital, we paid an additional two dollars to let the doctor change the needle after the previous patient. I got an infection and a flap of my head fell off. In total, I lost a dozen or so percent of my hair. & Nbsp;

CK: I have no influence on this. I don't think fear is a good advisor. I rode a lot in Morocco. It is difficult to travel around Africa, few people have cars, if you drive, then it's a motorbike. I caught my foot, a guy stopped, got off, gave me a bike to hold, said something in Arabic and disappeared. I stood there alone on this desolate road with the engine down and wondered what to do next. Finally, after 20 minutes, he returned with fuel, filled the tank, got on the motorbike and gave me a ride where I wanted. & Nbsp;

- I think so. I have no such resistance not to do something in the role, the body is an instrument for me. As I was preparing for the role of Lolita, I did research, read a book, watched film adaptations, but it was important for me to enter this role as deeply as possible. So I changed clothes in which I performed in the theater as Lolita and walked around them in London. I had a short skirt, ponies and such pink flip flops with fur. People looked at me like crazy, but I didn't care.

And are you not afraid that your immigrant origin, your Polish accent will prove to be an insurmountable obstacle on the way to Cannes, Hollywood, to the Oscar?

- Penelope Cruz also has a strong accent and it didn't bother her. I think that if I work hard, the only restrictions I will have to overcome are those that I set myself. Can i eat a banana

We're taking a break for afternoon tea. Karolina indicated before the interview which personal life issues she did not want to talk about. He is very happy about it for his boyfriend, whom she met in circumstances reminiscent of a somewhat cheesy romantic comedy.

- I missed the plane because I was reading. I boarded the pink fur flip flops, sat down and took out the book, it was Homo deus. A short history of tomorrow. " Phil had a seat next door. It turned out that he had noticed me before, because he was reading this book and said to his colleague, "It's a pity that this girl is not flying with us." We got places next to each other, we started talking and that's how we got left. Phil is my sweet other half. We plan to reach all seven peaks.

- Yes. In high school, everyone made fun of me, even my tutor, who wished me to come down to earth for my birthday. Classmates set up a site on some portal, probably our class, my pictures were there, they made fun of my dream of playing in the theater and in the movie. I could never understand that. & Nbsp;

- I left Poland because I am curious about the world. When I came here, I didn't know anyone, I didn't know how to get on the set, how to start, so I went to work as a showgirl at Bollywood. On the second day I approached the producer and asked if she would give me a job on the set. On the principle: "if they don't let you in through the door, enter through the window." And I became the director's third assistant. I started studying acting at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales, in the meantime I flew to the United States for half a year. I had photos for "Line of Duty" in Ireland in September, and I shot advertising for sports shoes in Ukraine that week. Recently I was casting for large productions in Hollywood and Poland. I feel a citizen of the world. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Now you do a lot of your own, original projects. You write scripts, you deal with casual editing, you are involved in the film not only as an actress.

- Acting is my greatest love. My boyfriend doesn't speak Polish, so you can write it. Seriously, in order to develop my skills well, I have to understand the whole complex process of creating a film, I need to know how to set the light, how the sound works in the film and so on. & Nbsp;

- I dream about having mental peace, that is, being able to enjoy simple, everyday things. To have a quiet home, a healthy food farm. Really. And to do art that will change something. I have no ambition to change the world because it can't be done, but I would like people to smile as they watch me on the screen. I would like to play a comedy or musical because I like to make people laugh the most. And I think I can do it. & Nbsp;

- And thank you! And thanks for the banana, I will buy back when I run to you with Ealling next week - he screams from the hallway and runs towards the station in a sports trot to catch the last metro.

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