Tomorrow "Golden Palm" from Cannes in DKF Maciste

Tomorrow Golden Palm from Cannes in DKF Maciste

"An absolute visionary! No one else makes such good entertainment movies like him," says Quentin Tarantino, one of his biggest fans, about Parasite. His words were confirmed by this year's Cannes Festival, where in the fight for the Golden Palm "Parasite" Bong Joon-ho defeated "Once upon a time ... in Hollywood", enchanting the jury, world critics and the audience. Before the film, a lecture specially for DKF Maciaste viewers will be given by dr Barbara Szczekała.

"Parasite" is a masterful and suspenseful story in which four people without a future come up with the idea of ​​a perfect scam. A driver without a job, a hostess without a home, a student without cash and a girl with no perspectives together will create a perfect plan: how to become someone and take the place of the rich in the shortest possible time. In a world where only performance and success matter, they will outsmart the system and fight for themselves. Even if it requires crossing a thin line between what is still allowed and what is absolutely forbidden. Bong Joon-ho shows that almost everyone dreams of a better life, promotion and chance of success. But only some - thanks to the untamed imagination and lack of scruples - are able to reach for it all.

"Parasite" is a thriller full of wild humor and unexpected twists about people who would never meet - the poor and the rich, those really privileged and those pushed into the gutters. The new film by the creators of the hits "Okja" and "Snowpiercer: The Ark of the Future" is a great hit of world cinema and a real film roller coaster.

In the case of his work, the director also took the floor, as part of the aforementioned #dontspoilParasite action directed the following words to potential viewers:

The plot of the film "Parasite" is not based solely on one great creature. Its design is definitely different from one Hollywood movie, when watching the shout "Bruce Willis is a ghost!" Can take away the main element of surprise and the pleasure of watching the movie.

Nevertheless, I think that every filmmaker's dream is to stun the audience and take her breath away at every turn of the story. We want to surprise you and completely draw you into our film world.

When you write a review "Parasite" or share your impressions with someone who has not yet watched the movie, please - keep for yourself the details of the plot from the moment when my brother and sister start working at the home of the rich. So exactly as we showed in the trailer. Refraining from spoilers, you will make a huge gift to the viewers, but also to the entire team that stands behind this film.