Unarmeysky animated series "Guardians" presented in Cannes

Unarmeysky animated series Guardians presented in Cannes

The plot focuses on the struggle of the Unarmed squad to save the world with the help of their knowledge and experience, as well as special equipment.

Unarmeysky animated series "Guardians" - a saga of friendship, honesty and love for the motherland - presented in Cannes. The picture will be released on the screens of Russian cinemas at the end of next year.

The author of the idea and script was made by Russian writer and producer Oleg Roy. According to him, he presented several projects to foreign distributors at once, which are at different stages of development, including, for example, the ecological series The Keepers of the Planet. However, the "Guardians" were out of competition.

“This has not happened before - neither in theory, nor in its technical implementation, nor in return from a potential audience. So the Made in Russia brand does not cease to amaze the world! ”He shared.

The heroes of the saga - a squad of Unarmeans from the future - will save the world in each series. There will be 11 episodes in total, each lasting 22 minutes. The knowledge and experience gained in the most massive military-patriotic movement of the country, as well as special equipment, will help the children in this difficult task. The main villain will be Professor Mortus with his army of drones.

“I had no doubt that the exploits of the Unarmeans would be of interest to a foreign audience. Our guys are jack of all trades, they are ready for any extreme situations - we educate them like that. That’s why there are many real heroes in the movement, ”said Roman Romanenko, pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia, chief of the Unarmia General Staff. & Nbsp;

At the end of October, “Sentinels” were also presented at the largest exhibitions MIP junior and MIPCOM, where the future top list of television programs for children is being formed. Quality content from Russia, Oleg Roy assured, is not just a market trend, it is one of the industry's top priorities for the near future.

The All-Russian military-patriotic movement "Yunarmia" was founded three years ago at the initiative of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and with the support of the country's president. Today in its ranks are more than 580 thousand participants. ■

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